Sameer Suri has never seen Rear Window - burst 04

Never Seen It


Ended up hating each other so I bet Jennifer Aniston wishes that to. The pop culture fall out. To make everybody when Joan Fontaine was doing rebecca, you convince her that everyone on the set hated her the Lucia. Yeah. So that she would feel alone and isolated because the character was supposed to feel that way you love. Psychological torture of his cats yeah. it's called directing. Ever, it is crazy when we hear these stories sort of start to come out and I always love those Saturday night live sketches that Anna Dresden wrote about the the women's acting out interviews, and then vote show a couple of of young women actors who who were saying, oh. You know we face this we face this and then K. McKinnon would be that older woman who's like she goes I was legally a prop until nineteen seventy. I sat on a table next to stuffed animals and Sandwich. They were I mean they were given Judy Garland for.

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