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It is Thursday, September 17. Then it is a beautiful morning unless you're on the Kennedy and if you're Screwed me out. And I'm not even I'm not even there. I can't even imagine being on the up on Kennedy right now. If you're about to head that way, don't exactly make a U turn. So it's Kennedy. Outbound Addison where the bad accident happened. Right, Vicky? Yes, it's involving a semi and motorcyclist. And things there. I saw a picture of the back up on the Kennedy and it is stretching back a long way, isn't it? Oh, yeah. All the way up to Armitage. And then on the other side of the Kennedy coming in, you said there there isn't that much of Ah, capers slow down. The slowdown starts at Fullerton, so it's like everybody's passing the accident. It's not realizing what's going on, and then they're seeing all the outbound traffic jammed up. So then they're starting to press on their brakes. So it's not even It's like an after effect. Thanks for keeping us supposed to do on that when we got something like that, something major like that like to sort of jump in here in between the regularly scheduled traffic reports because I don't want anybody gets stuck. We'll have the entertainment report from Cassidy Laura, filling in for Dean Richards this week. We'll get to that momentarily.

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