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Decade of all. My question for you is, what do you think is GonNa take for pruitt offensive, Lineman, Trey, Smith, and quarterback Jarret guaranteed to make a statement this year as well as paved the way for that decade of of default. I think it's GonNa take winning some some twitter games like the opener. In Tennessee has had pretty good success lately. In Columbia, but that's critical game. You you start over in one and knowing you have Georgia Florida. Auburn and Alabama you're shuttling in trouble. So I mean that that to me is what's interesting about the VOL's opener I have a lot of faith in pruitt primarily because know he is a really good football coach he's learning as any third year head coach is going to do but I I think he's already faced his crucible and that was early last year when everything went wrong. Thank you. Thank you very much. Really Nice. If you call David is in Tuscaloosa. David. Thanks good afternoon. How you doing David we are doing great. Appreciate call. Well first and foremost Paul just won't Save Roll Todd. Also, I just WanNa to talk about how nick savings about to walk out on Bryant Denny next Saturday and he's going to be wearing a mask and call that just honestly breaks my heart 'cause I wanna look at his face. You Know I. Don't think that virus is GonNa hurt him. Really. I think you know if it does we'll bury him the fifty. You know well, first of all the game in game is going to be in Columbia Missouri. So don't go looking for him at Bryant Denny. Nick Sabin in a mask he did remember he did that commercial a couple of months ago and he looks pretty much like everybody else. In Alaska. Very Much Linda is in Ohio you're on the air go right ahead. Lenny their. People know there. Are. You there go right ahead you're on the air. Me That is you yes. Am I going to be on the air. You are on the air. Oh I'm sorry Paul I. Didn't know I was just talking to to the lady and then I didn't realize don with you but. Her. Pardon. Glad. You're on. I am glad I'm onto. I'm glad I got through because you know where I'm from and You know what Fan I am of what team And I just WANNA. Give a different slant on this whole thing and I just saw I'll try to speed it up a little. Thank you take your time. Oh thank you. Thank you because I like to talk but anyway. I'm. The rest of US around here, a deer fanatic Buckeye fan and It's this time has really been hard for all of us but anyway, randy weighed Sean Wade's father organized a little rally in front of the Shoe on August twenty ninth. So my my friend and I went down there and I have to explain I'm an evangelical Christian. So the night before I really felt the Lord tell me to. Go, and pray with some of the the the parents. So I got there and before the started at eleven, I went up to the parents. The one was geese got senior. His son is a freshman and the other was Monica Johnson and her son Paris is also a freshman and I just ask them if they knew the Lord and they said, they did because I said I really feel led to pray. So I prayed with them and this was my prayer I prayed Lord you know what we're going through and you said that nothing is impossible with you in your word and I claim that that scripture and when when glycine senior got up to talk to the to the crowd. That was there he explained you know he was touched by me coming up and and and praying about that. So So that was that. And I've just believed all along that they were gonna be able to play even though everybody was saying now I mean I heard you say a while back on the they're not gonNA have any chance to to play at all. So anyway after we prayed that prayer two days later and I don't care how anybody feels. This is not political but I feel it's an answer to the to my prayer that trump got old with of Kevin Warren. You know and and said that he would be able to Bob the to provide the the testing and everything. So I just felt that that was an answer to and all these things working up to today. I am just overjoyed and I'm so thankful because even after I prayed that prayer at the rally people were clapping and saying, amen, it's up. There were others that felt the same way. So my point is when everybody else was a naysayer. Nobody even thought that God could come in and change this whole thing. So that's what I wanted to say today. I wanted to share that because there's always so many negative. You know everybody now I've been listening to people since since you started and everybody has their opinion of course, nobody likes Ohio state and we're good team. We know we're good team I think about a couple of weeks ago somebody called into your program and said, well, I'm so glad Ohio states not playing this year and I thought don't be too sure you know. So. That's what I wanted to share and. We're rejoicing here. People have called me up and because they know how this how how down I was about this and said congratulations. Linda I'm really glad I'm happy your prayers were answered. We appreciate it. Nick is in Ohio and you're on the air. Hello, Nick. Hey Bob how you doing. Great. Thank you. got

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