Play, Sam, right hearted center.


Really he's going to be You never know. Middle Stat was projected to be a second line center. That's not going well. So we'll see on cousins but if he hits And it doesn't take him more than a year to her. It's not getting a shot at center, and that's what Don't want to become a samurai. Our conversation Savers trade for Eric Stall. Cap ramifications. They actually save some money. They save 1.25 million on the cap. For the next year. Both players remember one year left Johansson and a $4.5 million cap it stall 3.25. That's why I love this street so much the position It's perfect. Perfect for what they needed. Positionally Iving, the player is better. It doesn't affect anything long term and you saved money on the cat. The perfect first trade for Kevin Adams. It's not a trade that's going to change the course of the organization, but it is a good house a good solid hockey trade.

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