The Barrett Brief- America Approaches Constitution Day With Graduation Goggles - burst 1


I'm going to look at it from a little different perspective if you will. I WANNA look at it through the American. Graduation Goggles. What's a graduation gobble? Well, if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's it's pretty easy to explain because graduation goggles essentially are. The rose colored way or the relief and stealth feeling one has about a time in their life. When it's about to end When you graduate from college or High School, you look back on it many a comedy show has done looking back with relationship goggles. When you break up with somebody, you're like, oh but they're so good here you're looking at it through rose colored glasses in another way to say it. And I know some of you. Some of you just said, wait a minute. You said when it's about to end what do you mean? What are you talking about? It's about end. Folks if you don't think. That the twenty twenty election regardless even if president trump does win which. Odds Mike oddsmakers saying is going to happen. especially with the big ten going back to football. I think president trump went back on clay travis this show those interviews alone are going to are going to do so much better for him than any town hall it goes on. Regardless of the electing of one president trump. The. The constitution. As most people have to recognize is over. Many of us because we listened to my church and other scholars as well. Kevin Goodson Dr Goodman and others Brian mcclanahan. Dr McLean. realize that the constitution really hasn't been the constitution. At the at the latest. Eighteen. Sixty five. Eighteen sixty one. I. Now, some of you are gone, we'll do. A word But. Yeah folks the Constitution. Through incorporation second. amendment. I. Amendment All of these amendments. which is not even it's bill of rights I get that. or the complete ignoring of it. Which is always why I felt that president trump has been a refreshing. EXEC because he's been the most constitutional. Of any of the Republican presidents in the last thirty, fifty years. You can make a case for Reagan. But outside of him. He actually adheres to it in a lot of ways as eat here too at one hundred percent now no one does. But for a long time, right we we've all held onto the constitution like pinky. Something that makes us we have the constitution and it makes us the free estimate. NIST. Awesome as people on Earth. Do I hate the constitution? Do I hate the United States of America? No these United States. I do. I am thankful to live here. Because I actually understand the rest of the world outside of some pockets is not a great place to be. Very easy to say America sucks from your iphone sitting in your comfortable studio

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