Monkey steals man's phone, proceeds to take hilarious selfies

CNN 10 (video)


Monkey accused of stealing bone taking selfies. Tended to ten. A Malaysian man says, he lost his phone on Saturday and thought it was stolen. He says, he was still trying to call it. Sunday when he heard a ringing from the jungle behind his house not far from where a monkey had been spotted according to British Broadcasting Corporation the man check the photo gallery and said, it was stocked with pictures of the possible thief along with nature shots. Of course, the evidence might. Simeon. Circumstantial some lawyers might not be given it much credence especially, if they can't chimpanzee their way to winning the case, but you've got to give it some credit because once you looked hammer into the facts, they tell a Lion Tale that gives about boon to the argument over what the primate or tried to

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