196-Reynard the Fox: Chaotic Good


This week on myths and legends were back in the stories of Renard the Fox with a bit of a reboot based on a completely different much older collection will learn how to use a goat as a fishing pole and that maybe you should follow that creature that wants to eat you into the dark forest. Protection from all those other creatures who also want to eat you. Creature. This week is a hairy big headed snake. WHO's very polite. Myths and Legends Episode One ninety-six chaotic good. This is a guest right tell stories from Holland folklore. Some are incredibly popular stories. You might think you know but surprising origins, others are stories that might be new to you but are definitely worth listen. We're back in the Renard Tales. Now we've told version of the Renard Tales once this podcast and they are beautiful and wonderful I mean they're horrifying and extremely graphic delicate red wall had the morality in violence of game of thrones. Renard, the Fox as we know him is both he's terrible. He's one hundred percent amoral opportunist. He likes to see the bad guys in the hypocrites get what's coming to them but he'll also tear an innocent animal pilgrim to pieces if he can get his claws on them that Renar became so popular in the Middle Ages that. To one source I found the French word for Fox became Renard and not the other way around as I thought. Anyway the Renard from the stories we told back in one. Oh, five Ambi is not this Renard though in my research, I was able to find a different renard this renards from the earliest version, a twelfth century beast epic originally written in Latin the Renard in that tale. Well, I don't WanNa ruin anything, but he has many more shades of gray and I personally like him a lot better than these straight evil opportunist Renard we'll, Ivan, I want to open with a fable that's been roped into the Renard Tales when that starts not with Renard but gives him an origin story of sorts because granted dive into a Scottish fable from the seventeenth century.

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