North Bound, Squiggle Expressway And Pia Turnpikes discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Things in New Jersey. We're on route 55 North bound, usual jam of merging with the 42 Freeway south on Route 55. It's centered in a tractor trailer within the hour ran off the road into the woods. Burdensome vehicles now are blocking the right lane. But really no serious delay that south on North bound is where most the traffic's going up across any of the Delaware River Bridges were looking fine into town south on 95 Heavy going is travel south of cotton down to around Bridge Street. The ongoing narrow construction find expressly busiest slow between 95 Squiggle Expressway, not a solid line, but it's It's heavy AA. Lot of this is people avoiding the satirical expressway. Here's what we've got. Westbound squiggles jam now from just west of there, Avenue to 30th Street that because of the continued construction with only one lane getting by and South Street exit ramp block long term project here till the end of the year west of this, Okay, We're east on the Scougall Heavy at Montgomery. Pia Turnpikes. Okay. So is the Northeast extension. So problems Honey Brook, Chester County Serious accident. East 3 22 is blocked approaching route 10 that still working on this. The westbound side is getting by, but it is jammed as the masked transit. We're gonna close to schedule. It's bigger than a marathon is better than a triathlon E. It's a bar baratheon going to send your flip flops flying 1 99 down or 1 99

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