Update On The Leadership Conference In Sweden


The world is ripe and ready for restarting and looking ahead. So where better to get a clear and uninterrupted view than from the eastern Swiss Alps and that is the setting for the chiefs. Monaco's. Conference which welcomes visionaries, founders and industry leaders for look ahead how business and indeed the whole world could move forward from here well. Is, tyler lay and he students all through the day's event at Subaru in summer. It's and I'm delighted to say he's taken a moment out of the conference to join us now to tell us what is happening where he is tyler apart from the obvious attraction from the chairlift right to an Alpine dinner, it must feel good to bring people together again. Good afternoon. Good afternoon Emma absolutely, and I think that has been one of the probably. Comment people just feel so good to be out in the world again and just meeting people in a setting which feels pretty normal I. I don't think there's much going on here that would make you think otherwise that we are still in in the midst of course cases rising in Europe, we have Orrin teams being imposed and and and borders also going up as well. So I I think that is. One of the people are just happy to be together and be listening to great ideas and and and I think also to be challenged. A little bit as well. We'll Tennessee little bit more about these challenges because people are coming together facing momentous challenges. What is it the world trying to focus on here? Well number, we just had a failed bomb nora failed bomb is the CEO of vitro. Of course, one of the world's most respected design brands I imagine in many many listeners right now are right likely sitting on a beatrice AU faux or chair or stool or in front of a desk. Here's a business, which is which is completely focused on the topic of what is going to happen to our city centers you know will work from home account for fifty percent of the workforce is going to be twenty percent. So we tackle that issue. It. With her and it was interesting. You know she was talking about are we may be moving into a world of spoke Yes. They'll be a main office in a city that will there almost almost More like owned and operated co working spaces where people come together. So that was one topic but then we just had a our he's the head of the the intermeshed. With the Red Cross and the and he was looking at at the current crises. The fact that we have a pandemic Emma but of course, get thirty messy parts of the world is he talks about this hasn't gone away and he's just a literally almost fresh off the plane from a mission in Mali, And Burkina into Hell region. What I find interesting is is the names of the people you've gathered that. We oversee have world of of of of vitro, but then. We have the head of security policy in the Swiss Federal Department of Defence Civil Protection and sport you mentioned now we have the head of the red. Cross. These are figures from the world of dealing with emergencies. Does that reflect the kind of times that we're in? Will it does because you're going to have an informed view about about risk and where the world is going. Then I think you do need people who are at the pointy end that that point he and might be how is a small but very economically successful. Country like Switzerland, how is it going to navigate geopolitical issues that wide Switzerland potentially need forty new fighter aircraft at a time when people talk of drones and and country, which is known as being neutral, and at the same time, you also want to hear from someone who's the head of risk for one of the biggest banks who can of course, apply some of these elements as well to a of. Course, the end consumer, the person who wants to go in byproducts from that that bank and how does that impact your day to day? How are we able to look ahead at the moment I mean is what we're talking about today stuff that we need to deal with at that pointy end in the next six months to one year or is there any sense yet that people can sink a little further ahead? Well I think actually North Alabama interesting because someone else oppose a similar question about short-term. What are you doing right now with marketing just how do you look at advertising? How do you promote a brand right now how do you stay top of mind and then what you do long term and her response with where we're a family company from Basel we have time and and so of course, we continue to develop an invest in great furniture and we and we take we take a long-term view. And yes you also have to be mindful of of the realities of up today as well. I mean is she's a little later on the conference to be talking about. The chiefs as a future when you talk about sustainability. And yesterday, the president of the European commissioners of a funder line was saying that we will rebuild our way out as a covert pundit DEMOC following an entirely green agenda. But when you have things like you know you're orderbook isn't as full as it should be your staff coming back from furlough and you're thinking, how am I going to make it through the next six months and people are saying actually you need to be green a you need to think about this you need to think about that. The priorities become quite quite challenging they. Absolutely. And I think that you know that that is one of the topics I mean, how much does you could talk about sustainability all you want but you know does. Your does your program, which of course has the best intentions is that we need to take a back seat for because you know that was going to involve retooling your factory. You knew that it was going to actually mean of course, upping the prices or accepting a more expensive supply chain, and maybe that has to get not kicking the grass necessarily, but it maybe has to drift out maybe three years I according to your plan and i. think that is also something we've heard you today is well, if if you're going to do these things aren't easy a lot of his. Let's walk at first before we talk and try to either talk green credentials are sustainability agenda and I think actually on that probably the one thing that I think is really coming out of the conference so far I'm as is. Being a by the let's let's let's invest in things that last And it really interesting to hear. You have MS failed I'm talking about you know if you go and buy an eames chair and I believe you're probably sitting in an email chair right now if I know it studio you're in. Those comes with a thirty year guarantee. Extraordinary and you know that has to be now and again you know is the entire chair perfectly sustainable no but it's not going to be in in five years either it's absolutely not in it's been comfortable for very long time finally looking into this afternoon. You're taking the floor talking to us about a few things that have caught your eye that you like and that if it's inspired you I mean we we have to be lifted out of this somehow what are you talking about them? Well. After lunch I I do a spin around the world and of course, the look at some things that yeah. Basic things that I that I experienced in everyday life, which which I think are are interesting that we we might need we might need more of so and I think probably one thing I was going to slide them. And you'll appreciate this. There's a lot of Austria and they're the world maybe needs a little bit. You know even though of course I'm standing in Switzerland at the moment. But if I if I look across the the mountains look across the border I know that Austria lies beyond and there's definitely whether it's brands whether it's the urban interventions that the world needs a little bit more Austria it full of wisdom of real and I'm just Sitting next to our affairs at a Christian mccue is half Australian I've never seen warranties thumbs up in all my days time. Thank you so much.

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