Hong Kong's new security law explained


Has denied attacking free speech after biting a dozen candidates from Legislative Council elections scheduled for September. The decision really does come a day after police arrested four youths over social media Post chief North Asia correspondent Stephen Angle has investigated the ramifications of this national security Lou in a new hour long documentary airing later. Friday. In fact, just over half an hour's time is hunger on aged to Steve joins us now with a look at what's in store for the opposition. After these latest move, Steve Well, Obviously, it's a big blow to the opposition if they have 12 of their candidates and potentially even more to be disqualified because, according to the government here, they do not necessarily meet the qualifications of supporting the basic law as well as the new national security law. So it is a blow. I mean, it is one of the biggest disqualifications. It is the biggest disqualification of candidates. Because four years ago in 2016 6 candidates were disqualified and I'll let you decide of the merit on those disqualifications in this slice of Hong Kong on edge, too. I honestly feel that at the end of the day at the moment, we're on like an airplane with a lot of turbulence. Everybody's holding on waiting for the plane to land. But in most cases the plane land safely or waiting for it to crash or waiting for it to crash, But I honestly feel that this airplane is not going to crash because China needs Hong Kong. They needed open Hong Kong. They're not gonna change the mode here. They just want to keep it safe. You want to make it stronger? Fei Jing Shirley, though, doesn't want a stronger pro democracy campaign. Before the passage of the national security law. Pan Democrat lawmakers have been accused of using disruptive and filibustering tactics while fostering anti China sentiment playing cards similar to those the U. S government put out in Iraq during the second Gulf War. I've circulated here, singling out the faces of pro democracy advocates, including the human rights lawyer, Albert Ho, the ace of hearts, There will be a lot of scaring tactics. Many people are being scared away. You know, they want to defeat you without using using any force or even waiting at a war that is That is the way that the Chinese play. You know the game. If I sit here and say no, I will never be arrested. Emily Lau. Were you born yesterday? You live under Communist rule. How dare you say? I've never said that even in 1997. But neither did I predict that. Oh, I will be arrested tomorrow. No, we live under Chinese rule. So anything everything that happened. It would not surprise us, because that's the way they behave to their own people. But we will stay and fight. I don't think I'm going to leave. Even though I know I'm facing imminent risk being put in jail because you know if I become scared All the other people were also more become u know where is scared that then the whole community to be stifled. Have? Nope. Random with Hong Kong and we need to fight until the last minute, according to the anti subversion regulation before the Nationalists created lot implement in Hong Kong. This in the field is legal. But after the national security law implement in Hong Kong, this interfere might be illegal. And not only arresting me even arrest you. Freedom of speech is limited by the new that made me The freedom to ever Uncle Independence freedom to advocate overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party. I omit that there is some limitation and freedom of speech is freedom of the press. Under threat. No, no, no unless they involved in succession, subversion or not terrorist activities. But do people have to be worried about what they post on Facebook? What they post on social media, nannies and their employees? Post war? Yes, I don't think you have judicious obligation for what you are. What criminal ofthings your stuff meets the department is if you are not involved with them. You have no intention to carry out succession, subversion and terrorists X Then what? What have you to fear about?

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