Growing Climbing Roses



One are we going to tackle I? Well, I would like to tackle something that I actually had not thought of until just this moment and that is climbing roses. Are Not climbing roses at all the perfect example of a plant that people expect to scramble up the Arbor and it's just never gonNA happen you're going to have to help that plant. That's right. That's right. Well, that's kind of what I had in mind when I was thinking about expectations because people don't realize that a climbing rose doesn't it's own necessarily grow vertically right and it certainly doesn't hold onto a structure all on its own that basically what a climbing rose is a rose that has very long canes. Are. That are I would say at least seven, eight feet a and upward. Yeah. So you have to you have to help those canes by waving them through your trellis or tying them to some kind of a structure because they're not going to climb on their own. If you were driving down the road and saw one of those growing in nature, it would just be. Scrambling over the ground and any shrubs that were in its way and with one exception, and that is the wild rose a pest here in the multiflora actually just going to say that. That that rose I actually see climbing twenty to thirty feet up in the trees all around me. So yeah. But but what that one does is that it's it's sends its canes kind of straight up to reach for the light basically, and then once it gets in the trees and and that kind of drapes itself over the top of shrubs and you know and it just kind of scrambles around but any domesticated climbing rose people should realize first of. All is not a vine right now it is a roast plant shrub and second of all you have to train those canes whatever you want them to go straight up in which case you tied them straight up and prune out anything that's going to horizontally or what they do in Europe is when the canes are young and flexible, they train them Zigzag Up Ann, Arbor or Trellis, and so that they get more of a solid coverage around the entire. Structure rather than the cane that goes straight up with all the flowers up on the top. So, if you have something that you bought as a climbing rose or few inherited a climbing rose, you need to be prepared to choose the right kind of structure for it so that you can either tie the rose to the structure or we've it in and out and you need to understand that that's your job not the Rose's job.

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