Letting Go Of Control & Checking Reality with Josh Han

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We're off to a good start Josh I appreciate this. To thanks for having me on. Yeah, being here. How are you living in this? Very, very hot day in this very, very hot lays during this global pandemic. Man. I'm I'm doing all right I'm doing all right for the most part. How's it over there for you? It's Not that hot over here girl I'm in the valley. Sorry I call everyone girl. Five in the valley and you're on the west side like it's probably eight to twelve degrees hotter here Roy right. Great it's always always. Yeah I'm doing I'm doing all right I mean I'm still seeing. My therapist, which is great. Yeah I. Got a good Quarantine Group of friends. And Bought some new workout stuff? I'm dislike you know. Trying to. Keep it real basic good. Ball right. Simple. Right. Who is it? Well, you have roommates you live with Andrew Yeah our friend. Andrew. And then what do you mean by quarantine friends? Is that people that you're like meeting up with two social distance walk or like? That what that involves yeah. These are the people that I see on a regular basis and. We keep it. Safe What am I a homeys Jarman I go over to his place a lot. 'cause one they don't have a car and then. Yeah I've just been there ever since quarantine started th I would like frequent their place. A lot and unlike merely just the only person that comes over there. So. Yeah I got tested once and I have another testing kit here that I'm going to do. Tomorrow. Because I, mail it out. So it's like put in A. Yeah, I have not heard of these. Well, I've heard that they exist I. Don't know anybody personally until this moment of anyone that's been using those like Mayland huskies. Revelation Andrew Andrew's one I. got this from my friend. A can send you the link Mingy, but it's free. It's from labcorp basically. Okay and it's they partnered with this company called Pixel and yet they they send you this kit you do a nose swab, and then you put the specimen in a bag and then you sent to Fedex and everything is already taken care of. Yeah, it's just it's a very. What time to be alive I mean this is the ongoing thing. We're at one four. I've been doing weekly podcast sometimes twice a week. So it get to me I'm just like. To what extent does that that saying I'm already sick of it. I've been sick of like week three but you know it's it's just a knowledge the accumulation of what's going on like you and I had a check in before we even started recording like are you okay to record and that's like a new development at least in my world that I noticed people like very graciously doing because we're all on different. Energy sources like our levels are fuel tanks are all. Are All very sensitive right now and so I really appreciated that because there was there was one moment is like consent and permission and just self self awareness right and checking in were like somebody that I had a a meeting like a phone call with asked me that and legit thought about saying you know what? Like maybe it'd be better to talk a different day and. I had never asked. You know you just go just Gogo as a really appreciated that philosophically like the asked me that I checked in and I ended up saying you know what I think if we just keep it pretty of UK for maybe like a half hour instead of like doing a full hour conversation. So stuff like that is is changing on my end. Now know about what's going on in your in your world of like how people are gauging those things warmer. I think we are being a little bit more sensitive to each other, which is great I haven't done like my podcasts in a long time, but I have had a couple. You know just phone calls with friends while I'm doing like these walks and stuff and. A lot of it is. Hey Dude checking in opening up about like any feelings or. Anything like that because again, this is a really weird time.

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