PlayStation 5 launches in November, starting at $399 for PS5 Digital Edition and $499 for PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive

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Playstation five is out November twelfth two days after xbox series. The full version is five hundred dollars. Digital version is four hundred dollars I believe we all got our preorder secured I got a disk version from Amazon. Reason being because I have to play on my special edition Blu rays. Where did everyone else? I know Sam got one from like real need. You got one from Walmart. Target best buy and game stops. Yeah. We we have to kind of outsource extra steps because we capture a lot of game play at work and stuff like that, and so we just need extra systems around. So we we usually do a little bulk order like that, but it'd get a bunch of The digital ones are really hard to get and I think the will want them to. We ran a poll today that said about a thirty percent of people still haven't got the system they wanted to order and a, and a bunch of those people said that they wanted to digital one I thought that was pretty cool but we suspect there's very few out there just. Yeah, the. Data shows us that there's about one percent as many digital editions as there are. One, present. Crazy crazy. This is only based off. We can only see like people that clicked on it and deals links and then bought one, and so there's it's possible that none of our readers in particular with the digital edition. But I, don't think that's the case because because they also they also that in like twenty minutes. So it's this mad rush to appear to the consoles them and the dust had settled. We had sold one hundred times more disk consoles, and so I think that Sony is just making like beyond few of them and this is just my speculation. But like I bet the story is going to emerge as the weeks go on digital edition is like very scarce not very common. The only thing we officially know is that they mentioned or Jim Ryan mentioned in an interview that they were producing more for launch, the PS five, and then they did for the PS four I think that was in response to there was a rumor out there that there would be fewer than there were for the PS four or that there would be production issues. So I think they were trying to just kind of. Pr Their way out of that

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