Joe Biden is incapable of carrying


Joe Biden is incapable of carrying out the duties of the president of the United States. His wife knows that his son knows the media knowing you know it. You see it and you hear it. Truth from Mark Levin 3 to 6 on 5, 60 ksfo, Kosovo's Armstrong and get it. If you talk about NATO, the World Health Organization in the U. N they wouldn't exist without our funding. But they regularly do things that aren't in our interest in are in the interest of enemies of the United States. Sickness mornings on talk radio 5 60 ksfo. If you ever needed a reason to trust rush over the liberal media, they should do it. Now we've got transcripts of testimony of what happened in the January 5th White House Oval Office meeting with Obama and Clapper and Comey, and it doesn't matter who was brought up to testify before Adam Schiff's basement committee. They were all saying they had never seen a shred of evidence that Trump or anybody in

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