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All about Bruce springsteen his music and mostly his fans. I am your host. Jesse Jackson and joining me one of my new friends I love social media were you get to meet and talk and mark? Hornak is that the correct way? Good. Yeah. All right. Mark Harnack is joining me mark welcome to the show. Thank you so much. Excited to be here. Yes, So normally when I record, it's just audio but we are in the world of Zoom So mark and I are talking varying zoom and in the back behind his back on the wall is a picture of him and Bruce Bruce Oh. Good I just. Sitting there. Yes. With The playbills from springsteen on Broadway and it looks absolutely beautiful. So there is a little bit of a story about that. So we were able to do that picture when Bruce came to Chicago on the book tour. And I bought two books because the way it worked is to bring a person with you. You needed a a buck at. The ticket. So I wanted my wife to be able to come. And so I went up I and I got my picture taken with Bruce and then my wife came up and she's like what you you really should be in the picture too. So then we took a picture with the three of us and. What ended up happening is we went second time. We were lucky enough to go to Bruce Roth springsteen on Broadway time, and we got in the night before and we just had some time to kill and we actually went over to the theater people were starting the lineup. So we have the pictures with because it was at least a possibility of some we were GonNa do we got him boasts autographed on-ice? Amazing, now the autograph on the picture just of me came out really good and you know I don't know did you get to go be outside at all? Now I went to Broadway but I did not and and finish your story and then I'll tell you mine pretty crowded afterwards. As you can imagine the autograph on the Second Picture didn't come out quite good the with my wife and I in it so she kindly has let me put up the picture of just bruce by rather than the one of all three of us that it does exist and it is also autographed and it's also Might. My memory of this and I ha I have a little tidbit but did you get any sort of interaction other than just the up and down off the stage? Did you get a word at all in? So yes The. and I apologize listeners who heard the story before So I'm what am I gonNa say I knew it would only be seconds and So I don't know. If you remember. But in the very beginning of the first godfather Luca boxes outside the Dawn's office and keep muttering to himself may be a mask lynch out on the day. Thank you for your. He's just like practicing his speech well. I'm in my a Mitsubishi Lancer driving, and that's all I'm doing between Dallas and Austin is just over and over what am I gonNa say what am I gonNa say what am I going to say and so They call me up I, shake his hand He puts his arm around me leaning for the camera and I go. I spent the last last year I spent nine months unemployed and I listened to better days and land if open dreams every day that's what got me through it and I just want to say, thank you a school man don't know if he heard me. And as I said, multiple times I, needed to say it more than I needed him to hear it. But that was my four seconds of Bruce I know exactly what you're talking about and You know you hear anybody talk about you know what to say if you meet someone really important to you or a celebrity via that, they've already heard that a thousand times it's not it's not probably the bruce does not increase shade hearing that ends just heard it so much. What he doesn't have another answer to give probably. So we were lucky enough to have a small moment in this is gonna sound silly other than the fact of what we talked about. So I talked about the fact that I went up on stage I and I got my picture taken but you're kinda nervous in that serve you and I knew my wife was coming up. By as soon as we were done at the picture, I started stepping off the stage because. Whether to be you know. In order in the not not state long and then I turned around and I looked at him and I said I forgot about her and he looked back at me and he said, don't ever forget about her. That sex. Is as small as that is we actually had a small moment of real conversation. 'cause I had met Reuss several other times and said a lot of what you had said in got reaction I, blame him for at all. Oh No I don't either but we did have this little you know to me is. At that's great. That is great I several years ago I. had a guy on the podcast who he ended up being backstage at one of like a tonight show or a late night show one of them and It was some kind of signing and he told the story I'll have to try to dig this out for my anniversary shows. Bruce. he and his wife are debating whether they should have another kid and for some reason, he said, I, do know why it was crazy enough but we were kind of a hallway and I mike. Bruce, my wife and I are debating should we have the kid? What do you think and RECYC- Oh wow. Now. That's forever I. Mean he actually like you know like a you know once you have a kid it's it's always is but I'll tell you I love are serie and he's like, okay, honey sit versus which have another baby. That's amazing because again, they have a permanent memory of an actual he thought about his answer that was real moment with Bruce and. Jerry's that. Yeah absolutely. quickly, I didn't mean to cut you off. On another one of Mine Don Bruce Passions Account. So you probably know the history of that Luger Radzi seen now like don't please share though the short version is. He was nervous. I'd the actor's name escapes me but he was nervous about going in there with Brando in doing his lines and he was actually just sitting on that bench practicing and Coppola saw and doing that and set up the camera and said, just keep going and he was basically just practicing his lives and they filmed that and I think it creates a cool moment in the movie I. Now love the scene even more. You know because it it it it was seem surreal. Yeah. Exactly. Like you know because you know in and I love the godfather novel I you know I I I probably every couple of years I bring it out and I reread it I just I just love the novel and in you know you talk about the goes into more about what he meant. You know in how he saved. His life and in the how much he he was devoted to the dawn and and they see that that's that's really a cool story I appreciate better. That's it's impossible. Not To love that movie. Yeah absolutely. All right. Well, Mark We're already twenty minutes into the podcast and I haven't even started by interview yet. So this is going to be great I always liked to start at the beginning.

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