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Really a collaboration between positions and veterinarians. Health officials, for example, in Minnesota state public health veterinarian deals with diseases Rabies, for example, animals or sentence for humans, humans their sentence for infections. There's more valuable information at a va dot or after the SEC decided to move forward on college football. The University of Georgia has faced backlash from critics after announcing it would not be using its campus as a voting location for the presidential election. Critics have said the decision to cancel in person voting was hypocritical as the university is now allowing over 23,000 football fans to gather the group tweeted out, signed the petition to stop Georgia from engaging in voter suppression. If we can have football, we can have voted Into after reaching there. 114th day of mostly violent protest in the city of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has taken another tool away from the police to protect the local citizens. Effective immediately. I'm directing the Portland Police Bureau to end the use of CS Gas for crowd control. I commend the preliminary work that the Oregon State Legislature has done to evaluate the use of gas, and what's safer alternatives may exist prevent the need for greater force over the last one. Did 14 days and Kiefer groups and other protesters have continued to destroy local businesses, with arson, looting and graffiti, forcing many to shut down permanently. Portland police stations have been hijacked Federal buildings, including the Ice Office and Mark Hatfield federal courthouse have been set on fire on numerous occasions and police officers have been attacked with bricks, frozen water bottles and Molotov cocktails.

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