Turkey-Greece tensions escalate over Turkish Med drilling


It is one of the Great Geopolitical Grudge matches Greece verses Turkey a venomous and heartfelt hostility long waged over everything from the most profound controversies of history and geography to what the correct name is. Four coffey served in small cups with lots of teeth itching sludge at the bottom and appears to be kicking off again. At issue, this time out is a disagreement over which of the resources buried in the Mediterranean Sea bid belong to whom the picture is very far from straightforward. Indeed, a diagram of the overlapping claims looks like the results of a drunk with an extra sketch trying to draw Picasso's Guernica from memory while blindfolded. But I simple if not simplistic version goes like this in recent years, immense natural gas reserves have been discovered or suspected in the vicinity of Cyprus. This potential boone is complicated by the fact that Cyprus remains actually if not legally divided the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is recognised as a legitimate sovereign entity by nobody except Turkey fifteen seventy one is when Ottomans gaming. He's the leading country all this region. It's only forty miles away from Turkey Cyprus. DENVER. No one has to ignore. Turkey's interests until he's got until poet. Up to the others to to challenge Turkey nevertheless believes that self entitled to some of Natural bounty while Greece has worked with Israel and Egypt to establish infrastructure to develop and distribute the resources. Turkey. has drilled away to Cyprus's east. Turkey has also agreed with Libya's official but ineffectual government to establish an exclusive economic zone in the waters between the two countries subsequently overlapped by a similar agreement agreed by Greece and Egypt. On Tuesday the Greek and Turkish navies conducted rival exercises in the waters off Crete escalating matters to the it's all fun and Games until someone loses a worship stage,

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