2155929494 is how you get involved. It's gonna be a whole world of pain.


You forget, man. Going through those those last three months of the school year back March, April, May there April May, June. Some of the stuff that you forget when you were in school that you're now your kids are like, help me and you're looking at you. Like what? Hell, my looking at Don't remember any of this. Oh, thank God for Google, but you know you're basically learning all over again and going through school again. At a certain point it was towards it was like the middle of June, right before school ended. A couple of kids had to take like final, like, guess their tests that go along with like their online work stuff. I was so involved with some of it. Because because I had to learn it as well to kind of help teach them. That I had the nightmare again. The one that everybody has Tucker. You've probably had it once in Italy. No bitch at least a dozen times. You have to get trapped in a cave under the ocean. I've been there. You wass? Yeah. You want to share with you? Is there a story you want to share with us about this? No. You said it was a pretty common thing. That's a common thing for you, huh? Between that and drinking milk. Dude with scientist. I hope you're donating your brain to science One day how they couldn't handle me know that you're right. It would. It would last a generation of scientists but anyway No. The dream of the nightmare where You fail a test or you're afraid you're going to fail Like a final exam. You'll never graduate. You ever get that nightmare? Yes. Yes, I'm having. I had that nightmare again. But I'm not even the one in school anymore. It's probably a mid forties mid forties the hell's wrong with you jerk. 2529494 is how you get of art on the other side. I will get into 76 years and, of course, Ah, Field your questions. Opinions about said Sixers. Don't go anywhere times 11 32.

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