New Apple Store in Singapore appears to float on water

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Apple has hundreds of physical stores died around the world serving as storage repair centers and community hubs where people can learn to be more creative. Until now, though none of these glistening apple macos have been built on water and as a straight times reports, the company is confirmed plans to open a dome shaped store near the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore we don't know when the doors will open but spokesperson said it's coming soon, it will be a space for you to explore connect in create something new an official teaser site explains. It looks like according to the Archie Gardner reports. The story is replacing a Shard Shaped Crystal Pavilion that once House a nightclub apple has rebuilt the structure with glass panel that were reflect Singapore's skyline during the day and glow like lanterns at night, and they have pictures that go along with it like the original Crystal Pavilion, it will be connected by. And Underwater Tunnel that connects to a nearby mall. So this'll be kind of interesting This eye-catching Dome will be the Third Apple Store in Singapore as two more.

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