New York Police Department Shifting Officers’ Schedules Following Another Violent Weekend; Commissioner Shea: ‘All Hands On Deck’


In the city, with six people killed and many more wounded, and NYPD Commissioner German Shay says he's beefing up staffing on weekends by shifting schedules of officers of all ranks so many will end up with a weekend day if they normally work Monday through Friday, the commissioner appeared on New York one tough It throws People's lives further in tow imbalance if you will, but This is something that we had to do. It gives us a little bit of flexibility and You know, I'm starting to feel like a business struggling to survive here and you know we're doing what we can with the with the resources we have and making sure that it's all hands on deck. He also denied allegations that NYPD officers were engaging in a deliberate slowdown and said those rumors make his blood boil. Wins. News time 7

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