27 Republican former members of Congress say they'll back Biden over Trump


Democratic nominee Joe Biden just keeps racking up the endorsements from former Republicans today more than two dozen former Republican members of Congress endorsed Biden notably on the first day of the Orange See Republican national convention the name that's most familiar to liberals like me is. Senator. Jeff. Flake he was the senator from Arizona Senator Gordon Humphrey of new, Hampshire and John Warner of Virginia round out the list of senders in the rest are all congressman from everywhere from Texas to Hawaii. So by an Israeli building strong huge coalition. And you might say, well, how does this affect me if your views are closer to mine we're not the intended audience for this intended audience is upper middle class upper class folks who usually vote Republican but modern it and. Turned off by trump. That's who they're trying to reach here. This gives those people permission to vote for Joe. Biden. Again, can you imagine being Republican crossing over to vote for a Democrat? Not really likely. So on the first day of the convention good news

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