Atlanta - Georgia Democratic lawmaker Vernon Jones to speak at RNC


Of speakers at the Republican National Convention, which begins tomorrow in Charlotte, WSB. Cheryl Castro reports. He's not even a Republican to Camp County Democrat Vernon Jones officially endorsed President Trump Back in April. He's the only Georgia Democrat to do so. The state rep is set to speak Monday night at the kickoff of the four day convention. Jones tweeting out this president through all of the good he has done has united our country. Now it's time for our country on both sides of the aisle to unite behind him. Jones was on word on the street earlier tonight, talking about last week's Democratic National Convention. That whole charade of putting those black people all those life people up there. That was because they are freed that that wall has cracked and black people becoming woke, and they're not going to allow their vote to continue to be taken for granted. WSB news time 11 03 cannot in

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