Blinkers Off 455: Kentucky Derby, Oaks Early Analysis and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


Lakers off what's up Because when we do these live shows I, never know when the podcast Hillen or live show so I'm always on it's never know I wish that we had another camera behind here because it's like so many things happening in front of us we have to Mikes today one on one on my computer I'm recording the pod for the actual show you guys listen to on. ITUNES or whatever. This is when I'm recording on the LIVESTREAM IS ON A. Computer. So we kind of dull team this year and it's always a kind of A. Joke here. So. Yeah. Well, I welcome to another digital blinkers often. Yeah. Yeah. We were just talking about it We are live on the stream with facebook twitter and Youtube. So if you listen to this epithet, go make sure you go subscribe. Any of those channels so you get alerted and we are gonna live, and of course, we'll be live next week. Same Time Ish. We're a little more fluid with our timing. Mike Show, but we'll be live and we'll be talking the official conduct picks. And of course, the yolks pigs. But this week we thought we'd kind of. We're already wrapped up in this. Obviously, we're well into the guidance from working that got all the details about. So we're our brains are already endured modes without just get on the pod. Let's talk a little bit where we're at what we're thinking kind of anywhere. We're leading those kinds of things, and of course, we'll finalize it next week, but it's it does have a weird feel to it because it's almost like. You don't the bill that's not quite there with your normal. Well I think it's just odd to have Saratoga that everybody and that everybody likes to focus on and then it's like, yeah, you still get this looming Kentucky Derby thing and it's going to take away the last week of his meets just kind of weird you know but listen I it's it's almost here and I think that's the best news of all because it's been a long road. I never wanted to be the slum it again to be honest I mean when I put it in the guide I you we put in like it was of funny to see like we literally been talking about these horses for a year I. Mean you think about a year ago these horses were running his two year olds. You know we've been talking about these horses sits. So it's literally been a year in the making to get to this point and like It's been a year and then we're GONNA HAVE WE'RE GONNA ride into the next one. So Really Derby never ends until May two, thousand, twenty hopefully they run. Well. Don't even don't even that out there. No choice is on is on Derby Day. You're you're going to have right. You know Uruguay's on on the UNDERCARD. So that's Kinda cool I like I to you. Know I think it's going to be I think Churchill. Downs is going to have a crazy good today's like I think I don't think those days are going to be any less than what we're used to seeing I think it's going to hurt the other tracks that have big days during. During that time period do you think the eventual like whoever wins ear coys could finish on the Board Kentucky? Like underneath. The underneath these horses, they're so bad. That would be amazing if he won on on. Derby Day, and Derby. No I'm saying the same day like run up against. Like, do you think that that's how bad these courses are in the now? I don't I don't. I don't WanNa go there. We'll talk a little bit about some of these. Coming already ready with Scott Yeah, he's GonNa. Wait Swiss advertise fifty dollars double. I mean there's there's worse beds for sure Yup and you know if you feel like that's that's kind of the way this year's derby dogs season fields where you have to really validate your opinion. If you have an opinion, you got his strong because it does seem very Swisscom ever gaming and then obviously his law if it's not just the law that it probably is honored ap you're. Not. That kind of thing you need to really hammer so. you know I don't think that's necessarily bad Let's let's before we talk Derby because I feel like this pod is going to go. Because we're going GONNA open this up on the live feed I. Think it's to be fun for the people listening to this after the fact that these questions as they come in, we have some questions obviously kind of talk about that. But before we get into Derby, let's talk a little bit about what we saw last weekend maximum security. So Mac security now moves up to number one now in the at least in the Breeders Cup. You'll ravings surpasses Tis the law, which is an interesting debate there and alone but. He comes and he does his thing civic classic. He runs was best career buyer that's going to turns and he. Didn't necessarily look super flashy, but it was actually pretty impressive ESPN. Ace He got the lead. He went wire-to-wire and he'd be horses he's supposed to be. No. No. We kind of knew that going into it though we kind of thought you know had more to lose and approve. Yeah. He'll. He here's the deal I set it up San Diego and I'll say it again Pacific classic. He's supposed to win the race sure, but it's still hard to win races at del Mar. It's hard to win the Pacific classic. I don't care what and are into the stretch in its maximum security off the turn in front sharp. Samarai has run a big one today but with one Furlong Doron maximum security has the lead he's opened up by to Sharp Samurai is second behind maximum security who takes them all the way and the Teeny G Pacific classic. He wanted that's good but he just hasn't. He just hasn't had to be anybody of any. Caliber whatsoever. Yeah. He sharp similar I was second in the race and making his debut or no I. Think he ran maybe once like three years ago on the dirt. But yeah, he'd be deter force Midcourt was just does just a ridiculous for hype. He wasn't gonNA win. Anyway. But just they road to hit the board. I mean higher power horrible I. Mean They're just bad verses that he.

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