Seattle - Building a more resilient, sustainable, equitable King County: Executive Constantine announces regional strategy to confront climate change


With King County's next five year plan was, Ryan Harris tells us this time communities of color will play a bigger role. Three million trees will be planted and efforts will begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across King County, 80% by 2050 under the next five year plan, which builds on what county leaders started in 2015. King County executive doubt, Constantine says They'll continue to listen to experts the base decisions on science and make an even stronger commitment to climate justice demands courage to set and achieve ambitious goals that none of us could accomplish no matter how good our intentions acting alone, Constantine was flanked by members of a task force made up of groups and communities often disproportionately affected by what's happening with the environment. Members of those groups, saying none of them had been at the table before and now their voices were being included in the counties. I'm an action plan. Ryan Harris Co. Moh news. Locally based Urban search and

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