I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) - burst 2

Fame is a Bitch


Week was a lot of girls gone wild rose McGowan and Eliza. All went at it all today. Go at it. I. Think this is the third battle. I I think between them it might be more you know To might be more fights but but rose. Rose got up and Elizabeth's face on twitter and it got good for a couple days. It was a good week and watching this fight. I don't know what the you have C. had. I know there was a big fight, but I didn't care about that. That was You know seventy bucks. This was free and I liked it better. And listen. Milano did her best to throw verbal punches but most of them. came the way she fights, which is a lot of passive aggressive Bolsheviks. You know. But basically, if there was ever going to be a a reboot of the TV show charmed, you can forget that that ain't happen. You know rose saved a lot of your best punches for accusing Milano of creating a completely horrible and toxic work environment for everybody involved on the set of charmed. She didn't really elaborate too much on it but. I like the part where she said that Eliza Milana used to make two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a week on that show. And there were times that she was so unruly and unhappy about some bullshit. That, she would throw a Hissy fits and say out loud to the crew. You don't pay me enough money to take this shit. Can you imagine that kind of money a quarter million dollars a week. And then having the audacity to complain even in the slightest way. Look. If they told me AJ WE'RE GONNA pay you two hundred, fifty k. a week. But you have to come in and jerk off the sound man every day at lunch. I'd go to work with bells on I'd made. Sure I. was jerking him off correct. Should I put some oil on my hands Charlie? What what? What makes you? What makes you happy look you in the eye of look away. Now, I never watched charmed I'm not GonNa lie I you know. But with all this new shit coming out I think I might. GotTa look for reruns maybe it's on demand I wanna you know I wanna get into this now. Of course, the bigger part of the fight happened after rose went in on. Democrats saw boy that's. He can't do that to Milano. My girlfriend enlisted doesn't like that that's that's the part you

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