This all began with the Milwaukee Bucks. Take us through the decision. Last night.


Little guy right here that we see every day his life matters. He needs to know that he can do what he wants to do whenever he leaves his house. When he grows up, he matters and that's what people need to understand why we're not just basketball players. And if you think we are I don't want to. Do you want to know all sport because we're so much more than that We're going to say what we need to say. If people need to hear that. So interesting. And so what's at stake for the WN BA players Erica, that's perhaps different from the N ba players. You know, That's an interesting question on DH. That was Tianna Hawkins, son that aerial Atkins talking about, But one thing that is noticeably different about the bubbles is that there are you know, WN ba players. They're taking care of their Children and in their teammates,

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