Is the Netflix documentary 'Cutie' breaking federal law?


Alone. Welcome to best case worst case this is Jim Clemente retired profiler former New York City prosecutor writer-producer CBS's criminal minds with today's high everybody. It's Francey, Hague's former state and federal prosecutor. Jim. Across the country and if it's possible, I'm even more outraged. Shall I say enraged than I was last week I find it. I. Don't know very believable. Because I know you but I know what you're outraged and enraged about. I agree with you tim I don't understand what's happening. You know we've we've done what is happening I. Don't know we've done. I don't know how many episodes where we've talked about. Hollywood. We've talked about power position predators. We've talked about a Hollywood sexualizing we talked about that movie call me by your name I remember that one member that you and I saw that. and. Just being outraged at the sexualizing of children and in that movie if I'm not mistaken, there was a nineteen year old actor playing a fifteen year old boy I think if I remember correctly. and. That was bad enough because it was depicting. The sexualization of a child even though it wasn't an actual trial here Jim in the newest entry into net flicks Pantheon, we have a movie called well in English. It's called cuties and it was released just last night as you are recording here. So on September ninth here in the US. Anyway it was released on Netflix said it's a French movie I think the original title was something like Lehman Mignon. Which I would. You know I was a French minor but French is a longtime ago for me I, thought meant the little ones but maybe it means cuties regardless. The Americanized is name is called cuties. And Jim. I didn't see the movie yet. But I've seen a clip of a dance from the movie before we get into the discussion of the movie. Let me just tell people who haven't seen the clips and you haven't seen the description of the movie. What is purportedly about? This movie is described by various media critics who've seen it. As a coming of age tale, a young girl fighting against the patriarchy. Now, how is she coming of age how she fighting against the Patriarchy this eleven year old she joins she's a Muslim child and she joins a dance troupe. Wow. That sounds interesting. Right she's breaking out of her cultural barriers whatever they might be or whatever she perceives them to be. She joins a child's dance troupe with a bunch of other eleven year old well, that sounds perfectly innocent. Well not really however. It's really not Jim because you and I have seen the clip why don't you take it from here? Well, for not I did just see the clip and I was shocked I was shocked at two things one the focus of the camera. On the general areas of young girls very deliberately. Very, sustained, very purposefully. But I'm also shocked by the fact that this depicts a dance competition and in the dance competition, these girls are on stage in public. Doing these you know basically dance moves and I'm using those air quotes that are that are basically saying and touching their general areas and a showing off between their legs I mean. They're simulating sex. That's the that's certainly a very. Easy determination or that's an argument that. CAN EASILY BE. Made. So, this bothers me for two reasons. One is that. It's apparently a competition that they're in in which this kind of behavior is actually. Promoted and encouraged. But the documentary style of it. Is that they are showing close ups of these girls is one thing if they're thirty, forty, fifty feet away on a stage, but to have a camera. where the entire screen is filled with the Crotch of an eleven year old girl and the camera is focused on that and again it's sustain it's not just passing. That is part of the definition of child pornography when a child is centralized in a way and they don't have to be naked for it to be child pornography but the image has to be focused on the Genitalia or on sexual activity, and even if that's mimicking sexual activity is putting a child in a sexualize situation and I believe that this does that. In fact, and I, I don't know what the rest of this movie is about but it's scary to think that this is just one scene in movie that that purports to do things like for example. There's a parental warning apparently on imdb would says, one of the many highly sexualize erotic dance scenes. That purposefully exploit an objectify numerous scantily clad underage girls. One of the female child dancers lifts upper crop top to fully display her bare breast. This they're saying. This is supposedly literally pulled from my md be yes. That's pulled from my MTV which they've changed as of now this this has just been a massive explosive controversy over the last twelve hours Jim and you're absolutely right. I. Hate telling you that because God? Usually wrong. But here you're absolutely right. It does fit the definition at least in the United States the federal definition for child pornography, which is the lascivious display of the genitals for the purpose of arousing the sexual desires of the viewer. There is no other way to describe how these children are dancing and that IMDB description minimizes it by saying it's sexualizing or Roddick with underage girls. They're eleven, years, old eleven what is that? Fifth. Grade. Fourth Grade. That's it's crazy that anyone thinks that this is okay. But the most important thing to me is that I think it might be a federal crime. It certainly fits the definition now in federal law in this country, there is an exception if it's art, but that is required to provide a whole bunch of information to the Attorney General of the United States about the age of the actors when there's any depiction. The age of these actors is clearly under eighteen. There's no question about it. Not Right now, typically Hollywood gets away with it by having someone who has just turned eighteen play somebody who's younger but that's not what's going on here and there was among the years ago called kids I think and they did the same thing they had actually young people and although they didn't actually they sort of hit the sexual parts, they suggested it. But this because of the music that's playing in the background that's clearly of a sexualize nature because of the humping that's going on and the touching of the general areas by these girls, and then you know the cutesy sucking on the finger. To, make it seem like an innocent girl is being sexualize. It's all together. It really does make me. Believe that they are they are violating federal child pornography statute and I think that that's something that you know it's not just well, this is a French movie and we're trying to be open minded this this this description goes on to say. Trigger Warning and eleven year old girl watches a female rap music video where naked women role play through dance both heterosexual lesbian sex acts an eleven year old. Female. Dance Group then mimics these sexual moves, the on themselves and on each other while the camera zooms in on their sexual body parts as they erratically rise. This can be highly distressing to many viewers. Covered Hani legal.

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