Xbox Series X and S Prices Revealed

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What do we? It has been for xbox. They finally announced the xbox series s we finally finally finally know the release date in price for both consoles. November tenth is on the next generation of xbox kicks off series x five hundred dollars series as three hundred dollars. A full two, hundred dollars cheaper digital only actually doesn't seem like it's that much less powerful It's basically. into. Four correct me if I'm wrong, it's not four K.. It's fourteen forty. The thrill leaning into the series s that's correct gets, but it can scale to four K. on your four K. TV and it plays media in four. K.. Wow, not video games. So are you surprised at the the two hundred dollar price difference between these two councils it makes the series s really really impressive and tempting I don't think it was something that that many sorta really hard core really engaged gamers like that super interested in this all the price in the specs I've seen a lot of people going to be like well, maybe. Yes. During the times, it's it's well suited to to kind of. Navigate for both kind of Gamers is a needs. If you want the upscale absolutely highest price edition, sure that that's an option. But at the same time, if you're on a little bit more of a budget seem super smart especially just enough in this landscape with twenty twenty it's kind of interesting route a because we know that you know most people don't have a four K. television they probably won't for A. While, and this will make you games look really good on your current television It's a next GEN system for thirty bucks I mean I think that's a really cool a really cool competitive move to make especially now that they have a subscription service to back it up and just a few other things you know xbox has going for it right now, what they don't have is a bunch of exclusive watch games. Held out this long, i. mean it makes sense obviously in the game of chicken but this does seem like one of its greatest selling points semi pun intended. So it's It's interesting that the sticking them less long and obviously due to a leak initially before they owned the news themselves but it's a like mixed. It's a huge differentiator and definitely makes the the deal between the two of them the most significant thing for Microsoft. The value proposition, right? Yeah. The five hundred dollar version two is still like that's kind of what we expected this for some reason it's is I think it's really smart, not the delay but that they kind of. are talking about they talked about the s price at almost the same time because like that's all people were talking about like we would be talking about the PS five versus the xbox price right now as soon as bs five comes out, but there's always gonna be this this three, hundred dollar one and their people don't have to get the of the full one. It's just it's just a really interesting move I can't think of a precedent for at. A financing option to right. So yeah. That's just like another consumer friendly option that is clearly the a big corner cornerstone point for their entire next-gen lineup. Yeah we should definitely talk about that. That's xbox all access which allows you to get in on next generation xbox for as little as twenty five dollars a month for twenty four months you that over two years and that also gets you. Game Pass ultimate to get more than one hundred access to more than one hundred games plus every mega first party game day. One you get. So it's actually it. It seems to be like a staggering deal especially if what if? Halo infinite had been there at lunch twenty, five dollars for twenty five dollars. You got the new xbox and Halo Infinite Right on day one, it's unbelievable. Clearly, there's GonNa be some of those games that you don't care about including every first party game and including EA Games. Now, like that's basically like a price cut like you can imagine that console is sixty dollars even cheaper than the PS five is because you don't have to pay sixty dollars to get a little infant. Yeah the price of that subscription. It's it's amazing. It's really really cool I. Want I want to circle back on really underscores something that Sam said about the xbox series S. The thing that impresses me so much that I think is so smart. That it really did focus in on resolution like if you have a four K. TV like we opie seriously consider the series. But if you don't, if you're either plugging that thing into a monitor or you still have to be like the fact that the series s is pretty compromise free and that really that extra power is only being used to push you know these extra forecast pixels and law resolutions. The Games will just as good. I think that was very very clever and very savvy and consumer-friendly Gosh I don't have enough positive things to say about like that being the point of differentiation between these two consoles and like like I still don't actually have a four K. TV every year every every Christmas. This is the year but then it's like well, then there's then there's other new tech and there's HCR government maybe I'll just wait one more year and so like I'm still chugging away ten eighteen. And You know. So it's like I'm one of US consumers like Sino. I've seen some people wondering like well. It's like. Well, you know we exist for a wide variety of reasons I think it's like seventy percent of people that have consoles don't have a four. K. TV. As you say often use a projector and people find that confounding. Confounding because it's not as great resolution like you can still get a four K. projector and I do and like you know I I have really good setup, but ultimately, it's totally lighting based. So if you're in a bright living room, kind of does not make for a great experience, but you can have a huge. Screen the biggest screen out of any. Huge. Fun. T to do most of your gaming on a projector. That's how you do pre pandemic yeah. Okay Now more committed to a TV. TV. Okay. So a five, hundred, x, three, hundred

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