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All Right Tom. You have just like dummy xbox at your house, but what is going on? You just plastic shells. He's just making videos with like should I tell you the story of week? So. They arrived on. Monday morning and like like I'm grumpy wouldn't say old berm like it and I knew phone and we get new laptop and he does know me I, know that sounds like. And and I'm like I mean a really fortunate position. But like once you've seen so much stuff once visited location. So many times he just doesn't. It's not exciting, right? So He's very me to get sight about technology but like Jane genuinely when opened up the series was like, wow, this is. Not. Excited by a brand new laptop with the latest graphics card a super fast processor and a ton of Ram Beautiful Four K. screed but you were excited by a plastic dummy box of the xbox series. And I don't know why. But it was late is is a deny it sounds really like fan boil some. It sounds like he was like Christmas I was like Oh this is so. Because I haven't seen it before. And I knew other people hadn't seen before. So is an element of that but it was also just like Michael being so small like how did how did they do this? That was my immediate thing was like how like will? It right. They haven't told me anything about it at this point. So they just sent me these damn dummy units and I was just like. BSO The dummy units arrived they respond to be I mean there was supposed to be announcing this thing next week. So there's going to be a bunch of like. Honey. Technical. In Belgrade, sessions where briefings for the press, so they give us the full information so that we'd have our goals like informative for people to read. That's great involved because like it just means that I can explain things better. readers get better pitcher and but then it leaked. So I woke up I can't even remember which day it leaked because it's just been such a week. But it leads at some point. Jews Wednesday. Up, and I was like Oh God like zoo happen, and then like that will C- kick Mike soft intellect panic mode we need to announce everything because everything's leaked. So they like just dumped the whole thing. The experts pricing everything. This is a trend because Google does this now and the thing leaks that just like Oh. Yeah. Okay. That's Just did it with the wing? Yeah. Well, I mean L. L G announces every single practice makes fifty times so. Count. But it's a pattern. We might as well, just announce it. We're done I think I think with Marxist cases that I've been. Flight. Will to years. Alongside bunch of reposes will. But like I think for them, it was like they needed to explain his fingers like the thing suspending. Well, this is the experts series S. His basically a smaller more budget friendly and and let's say less performance. Experts console than the bigger experts series X, which I'm sure most people listening to this probably familiar with Bono and it's basically designed for fourteen Philippi gaming. So like that's I, mean I'd say the vast majority of Mona's out there today that people gaming on the moment. East acton on the TV's and stuff but like this is a pretty good. Sweets book fully Philippi right now, spy from the PC side and. It's like a good talk. And they basically promising a symbol of architecture and all of the next gen premiums from the series. Excellent. CPU cloud under two hundred megahertz. The thing I care about is, does it have the the fast d at the series extras? Yeah. It does but it's five hundred, twelve storage instead of one terabyte. So there are no right. There's no Dr. Discloses all digital. Is Two hundred, ninety nine buffs, which is, which is good. I think it's like that's a pretty impressive for us but this is obviously the the the drawbacks to it. No disks will do diesel prices. If Games are typically higher yields, he can't use use games I think a lot to see Sonia my soul. In some way I'd love to just say my district sorted signing just digitize as well. I think we spoke about that on the way I look at like this series s is I think he's great life. If you kid you place fort like twenty, four, seven in bed, remove ten ADP TV because you haven't spent. Two Thousand Bucks on the Keio lead for them. Surprisingly. Like. I think I. Think it's great for that sold market like having. By that for Free Hundred Bucks and they get the new CPU the new ESA stays below times and the performance overall will be like way better than expos one. Like it just depends how it compares to the to the series x I. Think like they're doing some upscaling stuff for four K. if you really want to touch, it's a four K.. By Donna, how good that's going to be. That misses the point like. Different market. But what is the market for fourteen forty game I mean When you say monitors get it but most people with fourteen forty P monitors plugging PC's into them not consoles I is fourteen forty pm out. So I think the market is really ten API. which which is the TV's. Still turn EP like I would probably imagine the forty percent Stilton apr there at the moment. And I think that goes wildly up when you look at bedrooms and like kids rooms like where you're buying a typically smaller TV and you're not gonNA get e can't even by like a smaller lighter the twenty. Shit Four. K. TV. It's just they just don't exist. Although maybe they do but like. Just don't sell volume and I think that that's the market. That's the market ICS. Definitely. Going for like the MOMS and the POPs the shopping around at Christmas and they want to get their gear console they want to get something this noon and stuff, and these things only gonNA come down in price. So to me the market for the series S is. Why definitely have to buy a playstation because I want to get those games and if Playstation maybe I'll get the best one because I don't know what's going on the cheaper one about they're going to do there. And so if I've done that I still kind of want an xbox because I'm thinking about getting this Xbox game pass thing because he all these games on it. But I don't want to have to big ass consuls my living room saw the the cheaper xbox. I'll get the cheaper xbox to play Xbox Game Pass Games, and then I'll get the more expensive PSI to be like my main console that I get like my kick ass four K. stuff on it is. So blindingly clear which one of you has a child in which one doesn't. Just putting. Very obvious. How your perspectives shifted. Like I would say game passes Tom to your point you the game passes the thing here right? Like, yeah. If this is a Fox for your second TV or your kids TV, then what you need is a cloud gaming service. They can address all the xboxes right. And if you don't have a disk, doesn't matter because all the Games on the cloud anyway and you're just moving licenses around and maybe you're going to get to to streaming games in this thing, will be able to stream the games right like. You kinda see where they're going is these are just sort of client units for an xbox service with different GPS. Yeah. Exactly. It's different. Slight different economic you a bunch of specs and people who've been tweet me thousand times a minute this week. But you can argue a bunch of stuff to the essential differences between the two is the once targeting Larry's Lucien Melissa's and TV's and the EVA's talkative. Okay. Like that. That's that's basically the basic gist of the if you were really simplifier. And I think the cheap one is really gonNA appealed to the experts getting pulse market. Like that. Is Probably the best for you and gave me right now like I. Think it's very. Apple, arcade. Lately, just added a play or that it didn't add it to base expos game policies to the almost see have to you have to pay the all of the xbox names are bad and confusing. And then there's the P. C. There's the version that you can also play it on PC, which now costs more, right yes. Let's give me ten bucks a month by feel like that's I mean if you experts came all that covers you on anyway. So feel like you just. Denies. People go for the old anyway I think. So you've got the the series as the that will call the ten ADP model because I think it's functionally what it is even yeah basically forty nine. To Ninety nine, the series x, which is the four K. high refresh rate. Refrigerator refrigerator model. Model model is four ninety nine, which is actually still very aggressive and my mind and just based on what can do and then experts expensive. The Ninja xbox Game Pass Ultimate Yep is twenty five bucks a month in. Fifteen a month. But if you pay more and then you get a box out of it to write for twenty four months, you you you pay the subsidize. It's like a phone plan. Basically you get you pay a little bit more and then you a paying down your hardware and installments and it's basic. Tech Industry only has one business model which is. And T. in two, thousand and four. Yeah. But right. But that's a killer deal right that she ended up paying less over the twenty four months than you would. If you bought them separately right when you can get either right for the Yup can get the X. which I think is four, nine, nine a month I think. Five month or twenty five, the S. I I see that I'm like I'm just GonNa. I'm just GONNA, X.. Whatever like I am going to do the dumb starbucks, which is it's three coffees Erlich whatever. AM. And that is just a brilliant move for Microsoft, right? Yeah. Basically make an expensive thing seemed cheap even as maybe in the end, it's only slightly cheaper than buying everything out right?

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