194-Mulan: The Warrior


This week on myths and legends were telling a dark intricate story of the famous Chinese Warrior Woman Milan. This is a story we've never told before sourced from the Middle Ages. A story with so many twists that Milan's big secret that she's a woman pretending to be a man to take her father's place in the army is pretty much the least of her worries. The creature this week is the manticore aligned with a human head who's always smiling. Because it has like ninety teeth it can close its mouth. Seriously it's deeply unsettling. Myths and Legends Episode One Ninety four the warrior. Push a podcast where he tells stories from and folklore. Some are incredibly popular stories. You think you know. But with surprising origins, others are stories that might be new to. You are definitely worth a listen speaking of stories you bought you knew. This week's episode is a new Mulan Story while it's over three hundred years old. So it's not new, but it's one that's widely incorporated into this supposed origins of the larger Mulanje Story. It's much more intricate than the sixth century ballad, of Mulan, and though it starts in a similar place, it ends in a far different one. We will start, of course with lawn taking her father's place in the army. But before that, we'll take a quick dive into the reason the war started in

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