Federal judge says city can 'terminate' Philadelphia encampments


Encampments remain on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and in North Philadelphia all that despite a federal judge's ruling that Philadelphia can just shut him down. Our city Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe, explains. Officials. Air trying toe end the encampments without confrontation. Deputy Managing director Eva Gladstein says workers have coast more than 100 of the camps, homeless residents into shelter and are working on creating 1400 new long term housing units. This year. We have spent countless hours talking to camp organizers and residents. We believe we've met the protest camp more than halfway and we just encourage individuals for there. Toe access to services and housing that we're offering. It's not known how many people are left in the camps. But the mayor has emphasized that though he sympathizes with their cause they cannot stay. Neighbors have filed more than 200 complaints. Landlords in the area have mourned tenants to beware of used needles and rats attracted by discarded food,

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