NYC To Start School ON September 21

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New York City is delaying the start of its new school year. Until mid September NPR's Hussy Lo Wong reports. The country's largest school district is giving teachers more time to get ready for students to return during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic New York City mayor. Bill. De Blasio announced an agreement with the United. Federation of Teachers which represents most of the educators who worked for new. York. City School district under the plan started the new school year we'll be pushed back from September tenth to the sixteenth students will undergo orientation from home by computer for the first few days before in instruction set to. Begin for some students on September twenty first New York City Public School teachers are expected to return to school next week to begin preparations the city's home to more than one million students of the countries. Ten largest district's new. York City's is the only one with plans to resume in-person teaching this fall onto the woman Pierre News. New York

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