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Good. Evening Fellow Patriots by cryptic here, and this is your midnight moment for Aug today's topic GonNa be about racist. I, know it's a topic that makes people squirm in their butts pucker tightly and be quite uncomfortable. But we need to have an open discussion help change the mindset, raise awareness and. To learn how to be united. Tell me I know I know it's a topic. No one knows how to openly discuss without coming off as racist. Or. Insensitive. But hear me. I believe some of the contributing factors to why there appears to be a larger racial divide than when I was growing up is because of you guessed it black lives matter organization. The way people were raised generation to generation. And the biggest of them, all the media look the beyond him is a Marxist organization now wants to destroy our great us from with it. They don't care about, America they don't care about US Constitution the bill writes we the people or that all lives do matter if you don't believe me just check out their website. They only care about their own agenda fundraising and the lives they saved matter because those lives and deaths narrative. Quick Search on Marxism Socialism or for that matter Venezuela and determine for yourself if it sounds good. That it's the way you want to live because if B. M. continues to successfully extort companies, corporations and individuals like through cancer culture and threats of violence and is not stopped than that is what the USA is going to become on a week clear here I do support the message but I am saying stop supporting the organization. BLM is bad for everyone except themselves and their financial benefactors, AK George Soros. I support. Peaceful protests to convey a message for positive change in anchorage anyone and everyone to exercise their first. Amendment, right to help make that change. But when you went to take over city box, burn down businesses and destroy communities in the name of a cause or because you just want to start shit regardless of your race you my friend are a piece of shit and deserve to be treated as. Such you might be saying cryptic you mad, Bro what's the matter with you? Listen I believe there are some genuine people caught up in these rights protests that do believe in the message, but they're supporting the wrong groups in the wrong causes because they do not understand the difference between the message black lives matter and are equal to everyone else and the black live movement wants to cause chaos. I believe there are a few Batman racist cops out there. But. They do not outweigh all the upstanding cops that do protect and serve the communities and upload their host to the law and the US. Constitution they swear to protect just like there's some bad racist people in every race. But if we should not define race by some bad apples, why should we defy law enforcement that way I feel gutted? To my core that families have to raise their children to handle situations and interactions differently based on their color, everyone is entitled to be treated equally under the law and protected by the US Constitution regardless of race religion sexual. Orientation etc.. Now, if you're going to act stupid tough or disrespectful when you're putting the situation that otherwise would be a civil interaction then that's on you. Not those that you put into that situation by behaving badly disrespectful or breaking the law. But on you is a message back lives matter important. Absolutely I believe black lives matter as much as every other life and yes, I've heard it many times. Owners matters a racist term and not the same as black lives matter. You know what I have to say that fuck off all lives matter American lives matter if you need a racer colored in front of that, then you are promoting racial superiority and is you that are the racists? We are all humans. We all bleed the same color. In this audience, we are all Americans we all deserve to live our lives to the fullest of our abilities. I personally would not support any organization such as the him for one minute because their agenda is rooted in eliminating history. garnishing or eliminating everyone else's rights to virtue signal to the rest of us while making themselves out to be morally a racially superior everyone else fuck that. Had take a short break here. We'll pick up back on this topic after the break. Potential patriots is his pulse bargain with a shameless plug for our new gear store. That's right. Midnight Patriots now offers t shirts, coffee mugs just about every other researching where on your body the check it out go to shop midnight Beatrice Dot com is way to both embrace your insomnia, display your patriotism, and tell your governor go. That Shop Dot Patriots Dot Com fifteen percent off right now for a limited time now back to the show. Welcome back everybody just to recap who are talking about racism today and the reason things are fucked up as they are. So we call him Morgan Freeman. said it best on you gave a few years back to the best way to defeat racism is to not talk about it. I think he. To stop using it as justification for failure. Now, why we should have discussions to help figure out how to break the cycle racism and raise our children to not see your judge. People based on color but instead of on a person's actions and the way they represent themselves look if you're an asshole I'm a call you an asshole regardless your skin color because that's how you come off. That's how you act. Has Nothing to do with how you look what I take for Mr Freemen's quote is that don't use skin color identify a person. Let me ask you listeners this when you're talking to your friends to telling the story you say, Hey, I was out with some friends last night in this guy tried to pick a fight with me or you say, Hey, I was out with some friends last night in this white guy. Black Guy. Guy Etc. tried to pick a fight with me. And that's the part about not talking about race. I am focused biggest supporters of racism the fucking media, what the media is the biggest supporter of racism. Even as much as they try to say, they stand united the media's no longer news is entertainment and opinions and other ways garbage that leads to racially divide us all. I posted this on our facebook page a little while back. There were two articles written by the same new source when high headline read. Missouri. Women. Fatally. Shot by sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop. She was on art, the other article headlined red. Black man shot dead by Atlanta cops in Wendy's dreitzer. Both written two days apart by the same source. This right. Here is the problem. The media purposely motivates racial divide and rights. Sorry peaceful protests to sell papers and to drive the agenda of the left NBL. Going back to Morgan Freeman quote. This is what I take away from not talking about race media could to published the second headline without talking about race and it would have still had the same effect. But no in order to sell the story and helped push agendas, they've got to go ahead and add in the race aspect racism is going to disappear. Is By being able to have intellectual and civil conversations about what is causing. 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