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To Pittsburgh today, where he forcefully denounced recent violence and protests against racism. But also blaming President Trump for exacerbating the divide between US citizens for being incapable of dealing with the matter by and says Trump can't stop the violence occurring in cities like Portland, Oregon, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, because quote for years he's fomented it. Biden called recent violence, looting and destruction, Lawlessness, plain and simple. Facebook is letting outside. Researchers study how its APS effect the 2020 election. NPR Shannon Bond reports, The company will recruit users of Facebook and Instagram to take part. Facebook says it wants to better understand the impact of social media on democracy that includes what rolls it saps play and polarization. How informed people are about politics and how they feel about government and voting. People who join the study may see different ads and post in their feeds or be asked to stop using Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has come under criticism for amplifying political divisions and for how its platform was used by Russian trolls to spread disinformation during the 2016 election. The company is not paying the researchers and will not have any say over what they published. The study's results are expected to be released in the second half of next year. Shannon Bond NPR News San Francisco US in Taiwan are establishing a new economic

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