Final 53-man roster projections for all 32 NFL teams

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We're to get into the fifty three man roster. So today, we're going to make some projections I did a roster projection heading into training camp was on July twenty seven I had Jalen Hurd making the team I had Sean Coleman making the team. I had a few other players that they're just not going to make the team for whatever reason. So we're going to do that again today after trying to cap after all the news after everything we've seen and read and it will let's just compare to see what's changed since. So start with the first things first quarterback, Jimmy, Garoppolo, nick, mullins, CJ, Beathard I think they all make the roster I. Don't think that that's going to be very you know very controversial. It should be. I mean yeah. I I. Agree I all three of them making the roster as well. Especially, this season with Cova did I imagine that most teams will try to carry three quarterbacks if they can especially just given you know you never know. What happens if Garoppolo or mullins or you know they were to test positive or whatever the case is right and they were mistime than having Beth who understands the system? He's not great by any means just having them in the building is going to be advantage. Advantageous this season. I made this comment to someone else earlier Beth. `Red to George Kettle is Kinda of like you know James Jones or Mike Miller was. and. Lebron he's like teams back in the day. He used to have like those guys like travel with him. I think CJ beathard and George kind of like that George must have somewhere in his contract that Caesar method must be on the roster wherever he is. Those our buddy buddy but jokes, apart I I think all three of them will will make the team. So that's funny. You say that because Caitlin Beth one throwing to kill this off season for the most part it wasn't. Garoppolo. So maybe there is this weird clause in the contract right? I mean I feel like I could make a stronger argument where you carry two quarterbacks as opposed to three just playing the odds last year I can understand it as you know Garoppolo is coming off an injury. So you want to just protect your quarterback you WanNa make sure that you know united last minute fishing for a quarterback but you know he's out there he looks comfortable. No knee brace. In just in this situation I just can't understand a situation where. What are the odds that your third quarterback plays a snap in the regular season game just play the is I imagine that's less than ten percent very, very low at imagine. Right if we're going to do that, yet are the likelihood of a quarterback testing positive for having that whole situation happened shared night. There's a possibility that can happen without. It'd be a risk that I'd be willing to take, and I would much rather have you know a position player as opposed to you know a third string quarterback that major. May Not like the is that he throws a pass on likely and he's not going to help you in special teams or anything but that's I mean that's a Shanahan's ways and I don't see that changing I. Wonder if that will change you know this year with mullins and method both moans is a restricted free agent, right? Yeah. MULLENS will be back. He's restricted free agent. CJ BEATHARD is directed So hopefully, this is the last we've seen of method. CONHAM. I. Hope they don't some deal but Yeah it's tough. Especially, you know when you're having. Debates over other positions trying to like squeeze some other guy and you've got who's affected taking roster spot and like you mentioned, what are the odds that he plays right? but just given. Kyle and where they draft method and what they're trying to do I think they're gonNA, they're gonNA keep him on the roster rather than just swallow their pride and cut him. So both said before the pod before we hit record, this is what we think is going to happen not necessarily what we would do if you were in charge fifty, three man roster so.

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