How to Stand Strong in Every Season of Life


A baby when they first start walking. They prefer to hold onto something. And we're like that too, and that's okay in the beginning. You want props. You want people to help you and so every time you get in trouble you, you call somebody you know you need to be encouraged into. People always have to keep you propped up, but the time comes when God's GonNa. Kick all those props out from under you and you'RE GONNA have to face the enemy yourself and learn how to stand strong. And then be strong for other people. Well this man was still laying there, depending on everybody else. Everybody else always gets ahead of me well. You know what I think I think in thirty eight years. Even if I couldn't walk, I think I could have wiggled. Thirty eight years come on. Surely, he could've wiggled over to the edge of that pool in thirty eight years. And had this attitude next year. When that angel comes I'm going to be the first in this pool or I'm going to drown trying. You know what Jesus said to him. He didn't say oh. You poor guy. Oh Wow thirty eight years and nobody. Puts you in. And everybody always gets ahead of you. No wonder you're down in life. Why Jesus get up. Get up. In the Bible there's a big exclamation mark. And then he said clean up your bed and take it with you. I like that not only does God. Want us to get up wants to clean up our mess that we've made all those years that we were lying around the Muffin. Six. Says that versus twelve and thirteen our struggle is not against flesh and blood. But. It's against the rulers, the authorities the powers. Of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. So we're fighting a war where we're in a war, but it's spiritual war. It's not a natural war. How are how are you going? beat the devil up. You can't double up your fist and hit him. You can't choke him. You can't knock him down. We have to fight him spiritually. Bursts rt says therefore put on the full armor of God. So that win, the day of evil comes you. Don't wait until you're in trouble to put on the armor of God. You wear it all the time. And the armor that God gives us. It's spiritual on her. It's not like a suit of armor like a night would have worn. It is truth the Bible says. Tightened the belt of truth. When you're standing your ground, tighten the belt of truth that means hang onto the word of God like never before. When it seems like none of it's working for you. Hang onto it like never before. Don't let the enemy steal it from you. I love Romans Eight. where it says sometimes we looked like sheep being led to the slaughter, but right in the midst of all of these things we are more than conquerors. Got To remember that when you look like a sheep being led to the slaughter. Come on somebody in that place right now. You tell somebody you know. There's not a believer that you've got victory and they think he's lost your mind. Cause Today on. You looked like none of this is working. A man, and that's what the devil wants you to believe. None of those work and you're wasting your time. But that's when you tighten that belt of truth, and you say my breakthrough WorldCom God is faithful. It's righteousness. It's knowing who you are in Christ. The breastplate of righteousness it covers your heart. The shoes of peace. The helmet of salvation. If you're going to be a Christian learned, think like a Christian. Lifting up the shield of faith. Not Good enough just to drag it around with you when those fiery darts come you lift it up. That's what I did this morning. When the Devil said you're done, you're preaching. House is good as it used to be. In the spirit. Lifted up my shield of faith. Wire went right on studying. I tell you those things because I want you to know that. No matter how long you're welcome with God. The enemy is still going to try to lie to you. It may be fewer and further between but. I think about that and I think how amazing. After all these years, and all the thousands and thousands of sermons, that I'm preached, why in the world in the middle of my studying? What I hear something like that because Satan is a liar, and he always wants to make you now here this doubt yourself.

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