Boston's WPI math professor verifies centuries-old conjecture about formation of the solar system


Years years later, later, and scientists are still searching and wondering. About the truth. They're looking for answers and double BBC's Chris Fama tells us about a breakthrough by a local mathematician, shedding new light into the Milky Way itself to the scientific community. The future is rather bleak, something they're going to come closer and closer to the sun. Of course, that means disaster for humanity. Another believe we are going to be running away from the sun, and you know they were going to be a called neither scenario appeals. Toe. Wister Poly Tech professor Meyer, who me who has dedicated the last two decades to verify the formation of our solar system began with gas rings formed around a proto star because it could help scientists figure out what comes next. On Planet Earth. I was somehow able to needle any such discovery lead to understanding off all kinds of processes like climate predictions. Biological processes to face issues. Chris Palmer W B. Z Boston's NewsRadio fascinating stuff. All right, coming up. It's

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