The Job Application Feedback Waiver



Okay, so the job application feedback waiver doesn't actually exist but it should because I've spoken to so many people over the last six months, especially who've been applying for jobs and either not getting a reply at all or at the very best getting a stock standard rejection letter with no information as to why they didn't get the job. And the reason many companies don't provide that extra information is cuz they're worried that you might then make a claim against them for some sort of discrimination. I know a lot of companies say it's because we get so many applications we can't replace all but I don't buy that I think it's more particularly in a western world. It's more about the fear of engaging in a further discussion or creating any sort of issue where there isn't that doesn't need to be one dead. I reckon if there was a job application feedback wave aware me as the applicant could send you a waiver which says I would love to receive some constructive feedback on why I didn't get job a while wasn't suitable for the job and I waive All rights of any claims against you then the employers can sit back and say well, okay. This guy isn't actually going to make a big song and dance about it. He sign a waiver so he can't go and sort of claim any kind of discrimination. I actually think that might be an interesting tool now. Yes, it takes a bit of effort on behalf of the employer. But if you're serious about people and everybody says they are but if you're serious about people then that's only going to help you build the value of your brand. So if you were in the position now where you're hiring people then I think about maybe whether think about why you're not providing feedback and if part of the reason you're not providing feedback to applicants is because you're worried about engaging in further discussions or you're worried about potential discrimination claim. Then why not introduce a job application feedback waiver, which I can then sign you can then give me the feedback and then we all benefit you benefit because I see you as a serious employed someone that really does care about people and I'll tell all my friends about you as an employer even though you've rejected me. I will actually get something from it because I now know why I didn't get that job and at least can maybe think about modifying my application for the next job or to apply for different types of jobs. So,

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