Start or Sit (AFC); Trust Brady? Fuller? Mike Davis? (09/24 Fantasy Football Podcast) - burst 02


With that team. Let's see what he's got Derek Carr saquon Barkley Todd? Gurley. Keenan Allen T. Y. Hilton jalen regular. He's going to have to make some lineup changes. He does have James Robinson Chris no offense on the bench. All right. So he's got ops nobody cares about Pete's team Jamie I. Did want a quick prediction for Monday night football. What do you? I think the Ravens Win as well. I. Think this is a more important game in their mind that it is the chiefs. and. Mahomes maybe have a different option. We'll get to that game. It's GonNa be the first game we preview he's only one different. The Mahar. No of the guys that were drafted in that range only one different option that was not. Cam. Yeah. All right. He's got I got his history and very tough match-up sits there have been some actually kind of low scoring Pasha. Nobody's benching him but that's the only one I would consider as scam Gotcha. All. Right. Three players I want to throw at you real quick. Tell me if you tell me if you think they're under rostered okay. Should be on more teams. Jeff Wilson fourteen percent at the giants this week

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