A Short Wave Guide To Joe Biden's Coronavirus Plan

Short Wave


You're listening to shortwave. From NPR. Hey everybody. Today we've got a very, very special guest, Scott detro- one of the hosts of the NPR politics podcasts Hey detro-. Hello. So Scott your politics I thought I was here for Space Week when he mean okay why first of all why would you ever think that? Do you even have a favorite moon detro-? Do you even know I'm an earthy patriot? So my favorite move is arm. and. I don't know what planets you think are better than Earth Oh boy stop making everything political but also let's talk politics. It is election season. You have been busy. Yes. People are already casting ballots in the presidential campaign debate is coming up in a few days. election day is getting closer and closer and closer. So yes, there is just a little going on and I can imagine covering the campaign in a pandemic feels significantly different. It's it's incredibly weird and it never stops being weird first of all you're just not on the road that much, and then the few times you are on the road I've been covering Joe Biden mostly. His campaign is being incredibly careful about the pandemic so. These events that you would usually happen in arenas with thousands of people and are still happening that way on the Republican side of things. It's Joe Biden and maybe a dozen reporters and not only that all of the reporters are standing in plotted out circles that they put on the floor to make sure that we're all six feet apart. Everyone's wearing masks were all been screened. It's. Just weird. Yeah, and I have to say that I've noticed in all the photos that I've seen of Biden over the last few months when he's been out campaigning, he is masked up since the pandemic began he has not left his house without a mask beginning when he started to events in May Joe Biden has made a point to to say that this is something he cares. About he is making a policy choice here and he's making a political choice here the policy choices that Joe Biden thinks the president should be setting a leadership example. The federal government should be doing a lot more on the coronavirus and that's why he wants people to see him wearing a mask. The political side of that is he thinks that's what voters want from a president right now. and. Even if they still are a little

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