Whose Zeit Are You On 9/4: Mulan, Celtics, Jessica Krug, Wendy Bell, Jay Cutler/Tomi Lahren - burst 3


This Disney character and they're releasing the live action film. It came out today and let me tell you something people are boycotting. Boycotting it was not the one as they've say yeah, I mean. So this is a joint venture between the two powerful entities of Disney and China. And it's not shocking A. The actress would. Not, not be out here supporting the people. Paying the money's yeah. So Yeah. That's a bummer I'm bummer. Probably. Not Going to watch this for a couple years. anyways. is the age of my children fair but it you know there's some there's some rumors that's pretty good. The director Niki Caro. Who made the whale rider or well? Really Yeah. Oh, got well writer. Yeah. So I mean they went. They went already and. I don't know man. Might be. Good I'm just GONNA. I'm GonNa Watch I'm going to watch bill and Ted Instead Spill and Ted Oh hell yeah I'm excited to watch that I heard it's good which is just like thrilling to me every rhinos been positive in light. So I'm just like great bring on the music. Let's face it to get. Sneaky Caro also. Made North country. Have you seen that I haven't seen North country? How is that? Charlie's therre on? Labor about a Labor Oh. Yeah. I've heard of that one I haven't seen it though. Yeah. So. Kind of the happiest place on Earth. Love their pizza. Happy Pizza Yeah absolutely. Love. Disney love. Downtown. Disney. You know who? I don't love who don't next thing that's trending right now. Training in the past twenty, four hours a celtics. Look to see it. So they almost they were up two point, five seconds left.

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