Michael Malone -- Shame on NBA for not allowing coaches' families in bubble

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Nuggets coach Mike Malone went after the NBA, on Friday, calling their policy of not allowing coaches to bring family into the bubble quo criminal in nature. So you're speaking to reporters ahead of game two and Malone answered a different question about the bubble by saying, he needed to get something off of his chest. So let's play the clip is day number sixty and and the reason I bring that up is because The players have their families here, which which they deserve, which is the right thing to do. Referees are allowed to being one guest, which is great for the referees. The coaches, the coaches are not allowed to bring anybody. I say shame on you NBA. This is crazy. I. Miss My family and I think I speak for me speak for my coaches and probably all the coaches down here sixty days and not having access and not being granted the privileged to have my family come here to me is criminal in nature and that shouldn't be Jin at all so I want to get that off my chest. So. Nuggets coach Mike Malone very upset there I know some other coaches sort of a you know had his back with these comments. Tasks way. What do you think is Malone overreacting is fair. What's your opinion? Well, let's just clear this scenario here just to make sure everybody's got it. Straight the players didn't have their families until this round either so they went. Fifty fifty five sixty days without seeing their families either and thinking back. I. It's Kinda surprising that they didn't demand that from the beginning or or at least a lot earlier right. So other twenty, two teams that came down there. Now, there's only eight fourteen of the teams didn't see their families whatsoever but now to to Michael Malone's part of it because it is surprising that. The players are allowed. So about fifteen of the thirty five people that come with each organization, the fifteen players get their families to come with them but the other twenty don't, and that's surprising a really surprising that I I didn't know the referee ruled that the refusal. To know that at all, I'm not sure win that took place if if that was from the beginning or what, but it would make sense for the coaches to have somebody a significant other possibly there are there are probably they're older as well most of these coaches. So a lot of them probably don't have little kids that would wanna be down the bubble, but significant other would make sense and and I'm just surprised looking back. We didn't go. We talked about the hundred and thirty five page manual over and over and over again in the months of April and May and June while this was happening. And all the rules and know we weren't really up in arms about it because we know it's a players league and they get first crack at everything about looking back. Yeah. It would be make sense not just for the coaches and the party to have somebody there but the players as well from the beginning and. I don't I'm not I'm not gonna get nickel and dime in think this hotel room is gonNa cost much I. Know It's costing the the NBA A lot, but they can afford to put up. Or even. An older these coaches are older may not even cost them another hotel room they could just be in the same hotel. Now I'm nickel and diming make sense that have their families there at least. One or two people they don't have to have a cousin Joe and cousin bill come on but at least their their their nuclear core family. That would that would make sense. So I'm with I Echo I echo coach Michael Malone. Salon couple months, but they probably should have had it for the whole time and not even now? Well, no, you can't say I don't think we can say they everybody should have had it from the whole from the jump from the start because we let's try and remember like months ago how insane like this ideal even was and whether it was even going to work and we were pretty convinced the more people you try to add into the bubble, the less likely it is going to be successful. So that meets sense like I'm sorry guys you are going to be away from your. Family's players included I. Think we're the frustration is coming from with the coaches and I think rightfully is it sounded like the NBA at the time when they're making the manual going through all the logistics and say, okay, well, the players like you know if they're here the playoffs, they can bring people down coaches. We don't WanNa lock that in right now because we're not convinced this whole experiments going to work this whole campus things going to work, but we will revisit it. That's what it sounded like they sort of said to them they didn't say no, you never see your family again. You want coach come down here and your coaching. It sounded like, yeah, that might be a possibility. We'll put that on the side burner and then we'll revisit that and now we're at the point to revisiting it and they have decided that they're not going to do it and it sort of probably you're a coach down there going look this is working. This is a safe you know why can't we now the coaches that remain here with now opening up of rooms and stuff like that I think. That's a fair like frustration if I was a coach.

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