Awakening from the Trance of Bad-Othering

Tara Brach


So, the title of tonight's talk is awakening from the Trans of bad ushering bad of the ring. and. If you've been with me for a while, you know it's a theme that I. Reflect on regularly and it's such A. Source. Of suffering. A start with a book that I really encountered recently from Dr Seuss and he wrote this when he was eighty and it was one of his last and it's called the butter battle book and it's got the UCS on one side who wear blue close in the souks where orange they live on opposite sides of a wall. And their conflict is that the UK's eat bread with the butter side up and the zoo cts with the butter side down on their bread, and this is very offensive and threatening to their cultural sensibilities. So it's a series of a growing mistrust in bad battering, and it leads to an escalating arms. Race starts with slingshots inside develops a slingshot and the other develops an even better one and the arms race goes on and on and their one upping each other until it finally gets to. A small red bomb that neither side has any possibility of defending against. And they all have to live underground with generals on both sides. Toys drop the bomb. And the book end in this is unlike any other ever read Dr Seuss the book and were the you who's a narrator asks his grandfather, the general for their side who's GonNa drop it? Will you are well he? To which GRANDPA NERVOUSLY REPLIES BE PATIENT Will See we will see. We're living in so much uncertainty. We don't know. What kind of primitive reactivity might? overtake. And what we do know is ultimately, no one wins when there's bad other spiraling when there's an office now. There's no positive social change is just that circling of violence and hatred. and. Whoever is on top temporarily? Whoever has the better slingshot for the moment has to organize resources in defense to maintain their power which they could do for days or for centuries. And everybody on some levels living underground because the danger in other words everybody has armor their hearts because their armor against the sense of bad Michelle there. So if there's a mindset of us. Against Them. A good us against bad others were watering the seeds of distrust and violence. We know this in our personal relationships I mean most of us have gotten caught at some point in that bad uttering dance of anger and blame maybe with a family member, your partner work colleague. Where each person is in some way triggered and whoever thinks it's the other started I it doesn't matter so much because in some way each is feeling hurt. A need to defend need to attack unmet needs. Each is feeling right and then they're blaming the other for causing trouble and pain. As they put out there blame that deepens the wounded an injury and there's more triggering. It just keeps going. So. It's not addressed in our personal relationships. The mistrust and anger and hate keeps US separate from each other in our own hearts armored we can't be really free. And we also know in the larger society that there's so much anger of right versus wrong. The good side bad side. There's so much dividedness right now this registered speaking whether. On an passion and anger masks for Co.. Are In of course, around the upcoming elections and social, justice movements and environment. You might be thinking this isn't just about a different opinion about butter side opera butter side down 'cause my side really is right and good that we're we're trying to protect against violence and hatred and destruction. And I know that mindset and feeling because my mind goes like that when are not? Real conscious on some level. There's that kind of a real rightness wrongness. But. Here's the thing. When I am honest and pause and deepen attention. To that perception of us. Them. It really is bad uttering and my heart is tight in contracted when that's going on, I'm not living from a sense of wholeness and away card sensitive. True connectedness with all of life of belonging. And that's why I call it a tramps, the transit bat other.

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