West Coast officials are fighting wildfires and misinformation


News tonight officials in Oregon say they are preparing for a mass fatality incident as devastating wildfires grow larger tonight across the American West Coast the governor of Oregon saying dozens of people are still missing half a million residents in Oregon being ordered to evacuate their homes. Let's see caffeine off. Across the West, an explosion of a raging infernos, devastating and deadly the flames consuming over a million acres. Oregon dozens are missing at least fifteen killed in Oregon, California, and Washington. Among them. Thirteen year old Wyatt Toft and his grandmother Peggy both died in the wildfires in Oregon's Marion, county the boy trying to escape the flames was found in the car with the body of his dog in his lap. More than half a million residents have been ordered to evacuate more than ten percent of the state's population highways packed as residents flee approaching flames marriage to grab my family and my dog and. Supplies but otherwise. Sophal. Just feel sorry for all the people I hopefully they. Got All their animals and stuff. Many coming back to find their neighborhoods incinerated. This was my room. There's my of marquess on wood burning oven in neighboring Washington state, the fire claiming the life of this one year old boy badly burning his parents who are hospitalized in critical condition smoke choked skies casting an eerie orange glow across much of Oregon. And the city of Portland the mayor declaring a state of emergency the air quality here. Now, one of the worst of any major city on earth. The fires across the West fueled by winds and dry conditions climate scientists say hotter and drier temperatures are causing flames to burn with unprecedented intensity. We're in the midst of climate crisis We are experiencing weather conditions, the likes of which we've never experienced in our lifetime we're experiencing what so many people predicted decades and decades ago. But all of that now is reality it's observed satellite images shows smoke smothering the west coast from California to Washington State. A. Hundred major fires are burning over seven thousand square miles an area, the size of New Jersey in California five of the largest wildfires ever burning this year more than fourteen hundred firefighters battling to contain the blazes that has scorched over three point, one million acres fire on all sides all around us all roads and with no end in sight many fearing a scene like this one in Phoenix Oregon these before and after satellite images show the town obliterated. Gone. Try to as much as we could, but we didn't. Statistician. So awful.

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