Cowboys' Prescott doesn't get deal to replace franchise tag


Not Deal for. Prescott and the cowboys could not agree to terms on a deal that would have the quarterback between thirty three and thirty five million dollars annually with a hundred and ten million of that guaranteed. So Daf will now play this season on the thirty one point four million dollar franchise tag. He will once again on himself this season if there were reports that the two sides were close, they clearly were not close enough. WHO's more likely to regret? Not Getting a deal done deaf Prescott or the Dallas Cowboys. I'm going to say. Despite the fact that I believe is going to end up the highest paid player than Patrick Mahomes in NFL, history I Dak is going to get the money that he ultimately wanted I think he's going to be franchise tag this year franchise tag next year and then hit open free agency. But here for deck that in the in the pursuit of that money, he's going to become an athlete that I. Don't think any athlete wants to be which is your name is not your name anymore? It's not Dak. Prescott is having a Joe Johnson Joe. Johnson stopped being Joe Johnson. He started being Joe Contract because no matter how good he was, he was never going to be able to live up to that contract. And I think Jack is setting himself up to be a little bit richer than he otherwise would be. Be a guy who can never live up to that contract, and the reason I think Dallas is not gonNA regret this, even if they back on the quarterback treadmill is because the the worst thing you can have in this league. Wild does not have a quarterback. The worst thing you can have is a vastly overpaid quarterback. If you don't have a quarterback and find a new one, you can go try to find one if you have a vastly overpaid quarterback. You're just stuck and so I think Jack is going to get what he thinks he wants in this the most money in. Have ever gotten aside from Mahomes I. Think he will end up regretting it because you have a great organization, you have great skill, position guys, and if he would've just signed for Carson, Wentz plus ten percent, no one would've held it against him, and instead this contract and the negotiations around at wild. You're going to be the narrative surrounding him for years to come. See I disagree. You think that it's it's. I think the worst thing to have is a mediocre quarterback. Any shot at the super. Bowl and I'm GONNA throw to a clip of Darren Woodson in a second, but I think in our minds if it's been glossed over that, it was troy and then Tony, but there was a the drew bledsoe Weirdo error there that they were in a bad spot. If we can take a listen a Darren Woodson please hubs. In, the world when you have quarterback purgatory. Where you can. You're not good at that position. That position is holding you back from winning games, and there was a time before Tony Romo era. Where there were four years, we went five and eleven. In a week, totally struggled at that one position in in today's game that one position is means a ton means wins and losses gotta get you over the Hump in when you don't have that Clare in that position. It's a huge struggle. I'm. So. Bryan. I think this eventually gets done I. Don't know if he gets franchise again. I think that we just moved the goalposts and a long-term deals going to get done. They like each other. Dak wanted for the cowboys wanted five I. Don't think the answer is. Let's get divorced just because we can't agree. I think this eventually get works gets worked out and I. Don't think anyone has any regrets long-term. The cowboys ended up regretted. Just a bit because I think that goes out and has a very good year. This season with Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy comes back in after winning a playoff game or two, and says we need to have Dak back now. The cowboys have to pay him that long term contract, which is going to be a little bit more than they would have had to pay him this year. Here's the question that I've always had. If if the cowboys don't love, why would they ever want to sign him to a five year deal versus the forty deal if you don't love them then? On to a four year deal, you can get rid of him quicker. Why would you want WanNa longer contract if you don't love him, and you don't know exactly what he is for your football team to me I think they know who back is they just don't WanNa, pay him because they see him as a fourth round pick. A guy that has played well in this career hasn't quite got over the Hump. I don't think they want to pay him if I'm back Prescott I, feel like I'm in a great position to meet the floor. The absolute four is thirty three to thirty five million dollar contract that you can get from some other team after the season. If things don't work out for you here in Dallas, I think a team like Jacksonville. Teams that would need a quarterback was still need a quarterback next year and would be that open market possibly if he doesn't give franchise in the floor to his contract would be that deal that he turned down this season from the cowboys.

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