Powerful band of storms brings flooding, power outages to Washington DC region


Seeing areas of heavy rainfall some thunder in Virginia. We have a severe thunderstorm warning that continues for Calvert Charles ST Mary's counties until 5 30 in Maryland. Washington, D. C. Still under a flash flood warning until 6 30 surrounding neighborhoods under this warning, as well because of the heavy rainfall from storms today that passed through I'm just adding to that say, saturated ground or roads from yesterday's storms and the previous day's as well. We're also looking at a new flood warning. This is for Baltimore, the city of Baltimore until 8 15 as storms have now pushed From Virginia into Maryland, that strong line of storms continuing to see reports of down trees from high wind gust Today, Gus with the storms have been anywhere between 50 and 75. Miles per hour, so we'll continue to keep you updated again. This is impacting Maryland right now, and a severe thunderstorm warning is out for much of northern Maryland and Central Maryland. Right now, on this Wednesday afternoon, tomorrow looks hot. We do have a chance of another round of storms tomorrow afternoon. Looks like just a slight chance on Friday, and we should be dry, sunny and warm. For the weekend.

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