Mayors Threatens to Sue If Trump Sends Fed Officers to Patrol NYC, Chicago


Of Chicago and New York of threatened to take President Donald Trump to court if he sends government agents to police cities, trump sent federal law enforcement officers to Portland and weeks of anti-racism protests there and he's also threatened to do the same in many other cities across the nation, the move to send agents in camouflage. Camouflage uniforms has been criticized by officials in Oregon, and also by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Well, joining me for more on this is Scott Lucas professor of politics at the University of Birmingham Scott was good. Have you on the show now? There's a couple of things I'd like to understand here for example when these these forces were sent to Portland in Oregon. Are they working with police on the ground or they just flown in an trying to take control of the streets. How does it work when you send these offices in? In normal cases, the way that it should work is that the intervention is coordinated. With local authorities with his the political leaders, and with the leaders of security forces, including the police. That's the way it was done. The last time there was a national emergency amidst and uprising, which was in Los Angeles in Nineteen ninety-two after the beating of Rodney, King. This time is not known. Donald Trump and his inner circle, including Attorney General, William Bar and Chad. Wolf of Homeland Security. Sent in these forces, many of whom are not in March uniforms. Who are in unmarked vehicles symptomen without consultation with the Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler without consultation with Oregon Governor Brown without consultation full consultation with the heads of police there in other words, this is close to being an occupying force brought in from Washington not to restore law and order as much as it is to try to quash these protests in pursuit of other goals and I would say the primary goal is the election of Donald Trump I. want to give out not because. I guess he's you say he's not playing to. The audience in the city is playing to. A national audience and he seems to be trying to get across his notion that. The Republicans and himself a good at standing up to questions and issues around law and order, whereas the Democrat is being held hostage by demonstrators on the streets and are unable to do anything to to to quell. Disturbances. Windows being smashed on stores, rare occurrences, but these are the things that he's focusing on. Your I mean this is not an entirely new playbook. In the nineteen fifties. You would say that your opponent supported the communist in the era of McCarthyism. Richard Nixon was very effective in the nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies before Watergate at playing at the idea that protests were directed by extremist in by Anti American. Elements Russ he represented the silent majority. But if this is done entirely new playbook, this is definitely a new chapter. Because the extent to which Donald Trump has said that he does not recognize any check on his authority He said back in April Dirt Win Corona Virus, researching I want to take total control. He in the past week has consulted John you a lawyer. Most renowned for writing the torture memo in the George W Bush administration about ruling by decree in other words. This is not. Not An attempt to work through courts, not to work through Congress, it is to bypass every institution and to do it with this false. This false sense that the protests are dominated by violence by extremist, an anarchist when in five from the very start the black lives matter protests after the murder George Floyd have been largely peaceful, and that has been the case in Portland as well. A CRAWLER! This is in many cities are the police are being much more cautious about how they get involved with citizens on the streets, or they are deliberately trying to hold back from demonstrators fulfil of causing issues, but in the background, not from demonstrators in the background this the has in some cities like New York seen an uptick in in for example in violent crime and gun crime, so does he have a point? Point that you know there there is a there is a maybe in some cities. A crime wave is a is a bit of an emotive word. Maybe an uptick in crime. The actually someone might build to buy. It doesn't quite know how to deal with for example in New York. No, I mean we have had an increase in in shootings in places like Chicago. Atlanta and New York but you have quote upticks. As parts of regular patterns of crying growing up in this case amidst corona virus admits the tension which has been stoked by trump. It's not surprising that you might have an increase interest, but this is not due to the withdrawal of the police from the streets. There's absolutely no linked to that. The police were on the streets of New York there on the streets of Chicago streets of Atlanta, the issue that is there and has been raised by black lives matters. How do you have effective policing effective policing does mean trying to prevent shootings trying to crime, but it also means trying. Trying to do so working with the community responsibly, and not with the police acting violently, and that issue is being handled by not by trump a by state, local leaders in places like Minneapolis and places like Seattle and places like Atlanta they are trying to pursue a new type of policing that can actually deal with this with the long term, and not for the purpose of a soundbite with Donald trump screams, law and order even as he's trying to undermine it.

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