Natalie Portman among A-listers bringing pro women's soccer team to Los Angeles


Natalie Portman among those launching women's soccer team in Los Angeles to highlight heroes that are women by an m peterson of the associated, press. Actress Natalie Portman and venture capitalist. Karen, Nordmann lead a group that will bring an expansion national women's Soccer League team to the Los Angeles area in twenty, twenty two. The team tentatively named Angel. City will bring the League to eleven teams. Louisville AFC will join the nine current. NWS L. Clubs next season. Portman. Nordmann are joined by gaming. Entrepreneur Julie Erman. The consortium President in the majority female group others involved include actors, evil Longoria. America Ferrara, Jennifer Garner and Ouzo a Deuba. Tech Entrepreneur and Reddit Co founder Alexis Oh Hainian the husband of tennis star. Serena, Williams is the lead investor through his firm initialized capital. Portman Nordmann and urban all have a financial stake in the team. I think it's so important to have role models and heroes that are women for kids both boys and girls to see, and it's just such an incredible sport in that it really is a team Sport Portman, said in an interview with the Associated Press. You see one woman success, and all the others are cheering her on because one woman success is the whole team's success among the founding group are more than a dozen former players, including mia a ham, Abby Wambach and Julie Foudy. Other female business leaders. Portman said she heard Wambach. A former US national team. Forward speak at a time is up event and started thinking about how female athletes are regarded in society. Then she and Nordmann met Becca Rue, the executive director of the US Women's National Team Players Association. We started going to games, and we just got so into it, and it was just kind of a revolution to see my son and. And his friends, these little eight year, old boys at the time wanting to wear their REPEA-, no jerseys and Alex Morgan Jerseys I was like. Wow, this would be a different world. It wasn't unusual to them at all. Portman said there were hints that the group was coming together last year when Portman Gardner Longoria and other celebrities went to a national team exhibition game at L. AFC stadium before the World Cup. The women also reached out to a local supporters group that has been campaigning to bring a team to Los Angeles. The plan is to bring on additional investors as the team takes shape. We knew that there would be a strong and passionate supporters group here to support this and from there it was about. How do we do this in the right way? How do we do this differently Urman said? The group is partnering with the La Eighty Four Foundation. A nonprofit formed after the nineteen eighty four Los Angeles Olympics that promotes youth sports. Angel City also announced its formal support of the foundations play the fund aimed at helping kids in minority and underserved communities. We believe these players need to be playing on one of the best stages in the world, but we also know that we have the power and the platform and the voice to make a meaningful impact in our community. Erm, said, and so it's important for us to do that from day one in the same way that we are building to put eleven incredible players on the field from day one. The NWS cell, which began play in twenty, thirteen was the first professional team sport to return to action in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic with the challenge. Cup, tournament, in Utah, the semifinals are set for Wednesday. The official name of the Los Angeles Club and where it will play are expected to be announced later this year. The growth trajectory of the NWS L. is incredibly exciting, but we also need to be strategic and thoughtful about how fast we expand and the communities. We partner with and W ESL, commissioner. Lisa Baird said in a statement Tuesday. We've long sought the right partner in L. A. Considering the NWS L. Fan base that already exists in the region and the massive interest in women's soccer in general.

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