HR 3: Already - burst 05

Mason & Ireland


So speaking of not happening. Joe Exotics Old Tiger Qinxue might have human remains buried thereafter all. Oh, come on Yup. Some cadaver dogs are allegedly pointing their sources familiar with the situation, told TMZ THAT JEFF low recently contacted a company with cadaver dogs trained to sniff out human remains and four. came out to the exotic zoo and gave a positive alert near the alligator pit, the company swear by the accuracy of its dogs and believes the local sheriff's deputies didn't take this seriously in the past. TMZ SAYS THAT JEFF and company want officials to come by again for a more thorough investigation. Do you believe that there are human remains at the GW exotic animal parks? I will swipe right but mace question. To you may know. Isn't NOT JEFF low, but isn't Joe Exotic. Already in jail. Crow exotic is in jail. Yes, that's correct. He's in federal prison for. Murder for hire, so ben days in jail for a long time right Yep. So if they find human

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