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A New Direction


But. You talk about several things when it comes to shrinking a battlefield. First of all, it's creating niche. If we've talked about at at at length already and then creating that person combining, we've talked a little bit about we can exhibit combined existing niches that can make them more focused and define niche. You also talk about reframing a reposition, but the one element that I really loved that you do is opposition. When it comes to shrinking the battlefield. So. Talk to us about. Using opposition as a way to shrink our battle because I found this fascinating. Yeah and I love this example. I'm really pumped that you asked about that one because there's a bunch of a bunch of ways to create a niche or combining reframing all this stuff, and they're all there on the book, and that's awesome. But the one that's one of my favorites to talk about is doing the opposite, right. So how do you shrink the battlefield? If you'RE GONNA choose to focus on a certain group of people or a specialized segment of your market or something like that? Like how do you? How do you choose the right one? Well there's a great example from Jackie Chan Right Jackie. Chan. Is this martial arts you know really really famous and martial arts, but he is very different from everybody else like if you grew up a Bruce Lee fan like he did. Bruce Lee was the legend of the icon like he will never be surpassed. And how do you grow up as young martial artists? In China, how do you grow up Bruce Lee Shadow and expect to make anything of yourself in that community and in that that line of work? So Jackie Chan looked at that problem and instead of getting discouraged, he looked at it gwent. How can I do the opposite of what Bruce Lee does. Okay. Well, Bruce. Lee. Is Like A mazing. Super Fast, invincible. Well, what if I did the opposite and I was more vulnerable immuno even and showed myself getting her like did my own stunts and like showed showed the real thing happening Bruce Lee's films are pretty straightforward. Right What if we did something comedic? What if we did something that was almost slapstick? So he starts asking themselves these kind of questions. Just how can I do the opposite of the person who is the dominant name or the dominant brand in my space ends up coming up with his own blend in crates, his own genre. Basically of this kind of con- comedic martial arts. I don't even know what you'd necessarily call it But he invents his own fighting style that goes along with that expands into movies, ends up being like one of the highest paid actors of all time. One of the biggest stars in the world. And it all started by doing the opposite. And we can do the same thing right whether you are the florist whether you are a brick and mortar. Business owner whether your real estate agent whether you're coach consultant, which is the world that Iran and more taking what you know think about you know again, contrasting with Gary v like if you're in that space and you WANNA teach people how to market their business. Good luck. Just going on being another Gary v because you end up just being overshadowed by him and delivering the same message to the same people. got. Gary. V. So what are they? What are they need you for? But if you go out and you do the opposite, it gives you a chance to cut through with a message that actually speaks really really deeply to a smaller group of people and plus fun like figuring out how do the opposite you end up coming up with some really fun and interesting combinations. He may end up creating a niche that you dominate for the next thirty years. It's really

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